Jennica Garcia-Uytingco: The Teacher Mommy

Jennica encourages and teaches other moms on how to be the best teacher mommy to their kids ❤️


Jennica Garcia-Uytingco, the daughter of Jean Garcia, recently had a baby shower for her second child with husband Alwyn Utytingco. On her Instagram post, Jennica shared her heartfelt gratitude to their guests who celebrated the coming of their second child. She also shared her sentiments about losing friends who cannot understand that as a mother, her time with friends may have to be limited to prioritize her family. 

Jennica is a very hands-on mother to their eldest, Mori, who is almost three years old. In the same Instagram post, she mentioned being available to meet friends only between 12noon and 5 pm. This is because she needs to prepare the family breakfast and needs to be at home in time for Mori’s bedtime at 6 pm. She used to breastfed Mori, prepares her all-natural food, and plans to homeschool Mori when she turns three. Such is the dedication of this inspiring mother!

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Maligayang Araw ng mga Nanay! 💕 As we celebrate motherhood and honor all Nanay's in the world, we at Kalinga Ni Nanay are giving away P300 discount to all moms who are joining this Month's workshop! Registration is now OPEN! Our workshop this coming May 26, Saturday at the @TheParentingEmporium will be "Bahay-bahayan, Tskiting, Takbo!" This workshop will help you create a healthy and positive home environment that encourages your child to follow you with LOVE. Join Nanay Jennica Garcia-Uytingco as she discuss to you the simple, step-by-step, non-emotional method of steering children between 0-7 years old in the right direction. From our usual rate P1,000 per person and P1,500 for couples, for this month only, our rates would be P700 per person and P1,200 for a couple from the same household. Muli, Maligayang Araw Ng Mga Ilaw Ng Tahanan mula sa amin sa Kalinga Ni Nanay! This workshop is made possible by: @theparentingemporium @momenursingwear @thegreencompany @creativefruitsandveggies @ellaeatsph #HappyMothersDay

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Aside from being a wife and a hands-on mother, Jennica also leads a group called ‘Kalinga ni Nanay’ in Facebook, which encourages mothers to be educated on the upbringing of their kids.  She conducts different Kalinga ni Nanay classes for mothers that include: Healthy Pregnancy and Postpartum Care Class, Natural Infant Hygiene and Potty Training Workshop, Healing in Storytelling Workshop, and Bahay-bahayan Tsikiting, Takbo!

In the Healthy Pregnancy and Postpartum Care Class, she talks about the changes in a pregnant woman’s body, natural remedies for common pregnancy symptoms, nutrition guide, natural pain relief during labor, midwives and doulas, and birthing options among others. In the Natural Infant Hygiene and Potty Training Workshop, she shares how she successfully potty trained Mori at 7 months old.

In the Healing in Storytelling Workshop, she shares how storytelling with the use of puppets and stories from the heart can encourage good character formation and change unwanted behaviors. In the Bahay-bayan Tsikiting, Takbo workshop, she talks about age-appropriate toys, books, chores, games, and arts and crafts for children 0-7 years old. You can learn more about these workshops through her Instagram account.

This young mother really knows a lot! How can she even study and prepare for all the classes she leads and be a full-time wife and mother all at the same time? She is indeed a special woman who has an overflowing passion for learning and motherhood. Mori and her soon-to-be new sibling are blessed to have her as their mom.

Source: Jennica Garcia-Uytingco’s Instagram

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