Go from Parent to Lover: 6 Tips to Spice It Up

Go kilig with your partner all over again with these tips 😉🌶


No one can deny that having kids and parenting are unique, fulfilling, and very much memorable experiences. But while parenting has immeasurable perks, it can also take a toll in a couple’s life. And one of the first things that might go is romance.

It may be hard to maintain a thriving love life when our hands are full of diapers and kiddie snacks, and our days are full of playdates and school activities. There’s nothing wrong in being responsible parents and ensuring that all our kids’ needs are met, but our relationship with our partners should still be one of our top priorities even after kids. When we are not OK with our partners, it tends to slip out and affect our every day lives. When we drift farther apart or when we’re dealing with regular fights at home, it can affect our productivity at work and even our parenting. We might get more hot headed and short tempered, which can result in a more stressful family home.

If you feel that you and your partner are drifting apart, then here are a few tips on how you can inject a bit of romance into your marriage and bring your partnership right back to how things were — when you were both kilig to the bones over each other.

Include small, sweet gestures on your to-do list.

Small, loving gestures can have the biggest impacts on anyone. Small gestures can include slipping love notes to your partner, sending him a sweet text on the middle of the day, or even gifting him that small item he wants so bad and yet still wasn’t able to buy. Such acts are perfect for busy parents as well, as they are quite easy to include in our already full to-do lists. It’s a quick and easy way to let your partner know that he’s special and is also a priority in the family.

Organize your family calendar.

Work responsibilities and family obligations can take up most of our schedules. And in the midst of this chaos, most couples forget to connect with each other or make time for each other or even themselves. It’s easy to get lost in all the pandemonium of family life, but it is also important to regroup every once in a while to ensure that parenting obligations are fairly shared between you two, and set ample couple and alone times for each other.

Don’t stop the courtship.

Don’t forget the persons you once were before kids — and this includes the things you enjoyed doing for the other and doing together. Cook together, compliment each other, give sweets to each other, and make a fuss over each other. Although you might be at a point when you’re both really familiar and comfortable with each other due to the amount of time you’ve spent, flirting with each other can inject that much needed spark back into your relationship. Continue the love affair that’s brought you to this point and just go head over heels for each other.

Schedule some alone time together.

Once you have organized your calendars, then actually schedule some alone time together. Check with immediate family and see if they can take care of your kids for a day or two. This way, your kids get to bond with other members of the family while you and your partner get that much needed alone time as a couple. It can be for just a few hours that will allow you to go out to dinner and a movie (you’ll be surprised how not having to mind naughty kids over a dinner or a movie will do wonders for both of you), or even for a few days to have that much needed day of relaxation or even staycation. Just go out the way you used to when you were still a young couple or when kids were still not in the picture.

Leave your worries out of the bedroom.

Parents’ minds can get cluttered, which is not a surprise considering the amount of things they have in their plate. So it is also quite understandable that couples’ conversations can center around their kids, their schedules, their respective work, mortgages, and other adulting matters. While there’s no escaping such conversations, try to limit them outside of your bedroom. All your worries will not get resolved through the night and will still be there by morning, so it’s ok to take off your parenting hats for the night and focus on yourself, your partner, and your relationship. You might even find it easier to deal with all your troubles and worries once you’ve had some TLC.

Spice it up, literally.

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