School Moms: 7 Things To Do While Waiting for Your Child in School

Your hatid-sundo routine this school year will be anything but boring, thanks to these productivity ideas 😉


Going back to school as the hatid-sundo of your child? A lot of moms opt to take and pick up their child from schools these days — whether its due to safety, traffic, or any other concerns. If you find yourself spending a lot of time in your child’s school waiting for that final bell, then fret not mama because here are a few ideas on how to use these waiting hours more productively.

Read. Nothing bad can ever come out of reading a book — unless you’re Evie from the first Mummy movie. Nevertheless, what she said about reading is true because it offers a number of benefits. Reading boosts mental stimulation — because it can be considered a brain exercise, enhancing your mental capabilities and alertness, thereby combating momnesia. At the same time, it minimizes stress because it can deepen empathy and the act in itself is considered pleasurable. Plus, think of all the places you’ll go to and all the adventures you’ll have within the pages of a book.

Catch up on your favorite shows. If watching is more your thing then the couple of hours spent at your child’s school is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your favorite telenovelas, K-dramas, Hollywood series, and even movies. The only thing you need to do is find that perfect spot that’s comfortable and has a strong data signal.

Workout. If you’ve been lamenting how hard it is to fit a workout session now that you’re a mom, then the 3 to 4 hours “free time” during your hatid-sundo duties gives you the perfect opportunity. If your child’s school has a gym or fitness club nearby, then lucky you. If not, then you can still do this by jogging or brisk walking around the school’s neighborhood.

Make lists. Lists are very helpful for multi-tasking moms and the few hours spent each morning spent waiting in school might just be the perfect time for you to organize and plan out your day.

Do small errands. Tasks and errands can be unending for moms, so you can try to tick off small tasks in your to-do list while waiting for your child. This is perfect if your child’s school is located in the town center — as you can pay some bills, do a bit of grocery shopping, or even pamper yourself with a mani-pedi session.

Work. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can work anytime, anywhere, including you. You can search online work sites for small jobs that you can do in a few hours with a laptop and data connection — this includes blog/article writing, social media management, graphics editing, or even administrative work. Aside from these, you can also start or manage your online business during this time.

Make mommy friends. If you’ve been craving for a bit of adult conversation, then now’s the time to expand your network and make new friends. Plus, being friends or even in talking terms with your child’s classmates’ moms have a ton of advantages — including getting homework information whenever your child’s absent from class.

So what’s your school hatid-sundo routine every day?

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