Walang Forever sa Hugasin, Thanks to These Dishwashing Tips

Published with Joy Dishwashing Liquid -- Find out real-life moms’ hugots over dishwashing and what we can do about it 😉


“Kakain na!” is perhaps the most popular line in every Filipino home, able to bring every member of the family to the dining table in less than 10 seconds. But in the same way that family members can come running for food, they can also run away upon the sight of dirty dishes. And since most moms cannot bear the sight of dirty dishes, they have no choice but to do it themselves.

But here’s one thing every mom would want everyone else to know. Washing dishes is not their favorite chore. Just like Mommy Feliz on her first ever vlog, most moms ay wala talagang takas sa hugas. Kaya most ay humuhugot nalang. And to further prove this point, here are a few dishwashing hugots from real moms.

So unless it’s still unclear for you, allow us to say it: every mom needs help in washing the dishes and would deeply appreciate a night off or two from the job. A recent study states that doing the dishes can cause tension in a relationship. So, don’t wait for the dishes to come down crashing. Instead, here are a few tips on how to make the chore a family affair — as it should be and not a mommy duty. Also included are a few ways on how to make it easier and not a hugot-inducing activity.

Split up the dish-washing job among the whole family. Or even among those who partook of the meal. You can split the jobs into clearing and wiping the table, getting rid of the food leftovers and scraps and stacking the dishes, the actual washing of dishes, drying and proper storage. You can then assign and rotate these jobs among the family members. If the dishwashing task is not that big in your family, then you can assign the whole task to one family member on a per day and per meal basis. This way, everyone will get their hands dirty.

Make it fun. If you’ve decided to make a chore a family affair, then might as well go the extra step and make it a fun bonding activity. Play some lively music and use the time to stay updated with other family member’s lives. We’re betting that getting your teen kids to admit their current crushes and emo moments can be easily done over a pile of dirty dishes they couldn’t escape.

Implement a golden rule of dishwashing — Whoever cooked dinner is excused from dishwashing duties. This would be good if your family also alternates cooking duties, so this way no one member of the family get stuck in the kitchen for the day. On the other hand, reconsider implementing this rule if the cooking tasks are delegated to only one person in the family.

Use the right dishwashing soap. And one of the best ways to make dishwashing easier and less stressful? Use the right product for the job — Joy Dishwashing Liquid. Joy has the powers to keep dishwashing hugots at bay, because:

  • Joy Dishwashing Liquid removes bad smell and unseen food residues: This is perfect for moms who hate, hate, hate yucky smells and residues while washing the dishes.
  • Joy Dishwashing Liquid is gentle on the hands: So your loved ones have no right to make hugots over your dry and rough hands.
  • Joy Dishwashing Liquid is very economical, because purong patak, bisang katutak: A good quality dishwashing liquid at an affordable price. Definitely no hugots from your wallet and budget-conscious mamas on this aspect.

Aside from the aforementioned tips, we should also learn from Mommy Feliz’s luv-abo realizations — that when something is too good to be true, it probably is and to be kind to yourself. Never settle for something (or even someone) that promises a lot but falls short on them and know when to concede defeat and move on — because as all moms know, napapagod din tayo. So let’s try to keep our life hugots to a minimum and keep dishwashing hugots at bay with Joy Dishwashing Liquid 😉

*Published with Joy Dishwashing Liquid.


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