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Our Story

Aeroblu arrived in the Philippines in late 2016.

After doing a market re-search on the Filipino Culture and Economy, we came to the conclusion that :

Filipinos are Family Oriented who are willing to sacrifice for the comfort of their families.

Filipinos are Hard Working and will do almost any job even if it means being OFW.

Filipinos are always looking for Best Value and “deals” for most purchases.

Keeping these 3 Fundamental Cultural points, and keeping the economic competitiveness for the Philippines market, we decided to enter this market as fundamentally Filipinos are looking for footwear that has :

Affordability – Long Lasting & Durability – Comfort – Fashionable.

Our products are manufactured with 3 major qualities in mind: Affordable, Beautiful, and Comfortable.

Through our wide array of footwear styles, we are dedicated to staying true to our tagline:

“Easy as ABC Affordable, Beautiful, & Comfortable.”

Since the introduction of Aeroblu products to the Major Department Stores & Established Footwear Retailers, countless Filipino’s have experience the comfort Aeroblu brings to their lives.

We have managed to satisfy a growing number of Filipino’s needs for comfortable footwear which is long lasting and most importantly affordable.

As our popularity increases day by day, more and more Filipinos continue to recommend Aeroblu as their #1 choice of footwear.

Forget about settling for low-quality products; now you can have footwear that’s affordable, comfortable and durable!


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