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Elevate your Bathroom Experience.

Just sit and let DobiDos do the work!

Life Bidet is a company duly recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry with the vision of increasing overall hygiene in the Philippines through the use of electronic bidets. We believe in utilizing technology in improving our lifestyle. Our goal is to provide value for money products and services to make Filipino lives more comfortable and convenient.

E-bidets, a sign of progress and cultural advancement are found in 76% of Japanese homes and about 60% of Korean household. From the article of Road Warrior Voices, the Japanese government is intentionally installing these e-bidets in public restrooms because it proved to be an attraction to tourists. According to Global Times China published last year, Chinese tourists spent 6 billion yuan ($959.4million) in Japan to buy electronic seat bidets. This translates to more than 2 million units of bidets sold! E-bidets are the top duty free item Chinese bring home from their trip.

But these e-bidets are beginning to become a standard bathroom fixture in the rest of the world too – Europe, Canada, North America, Middle East and the rest of Asia. Elle Décor included electronic bidets in their top 10 home design trends that will be huge in 2016. More and more people are appreciating the wonderful application of this technology.

Truly, E-bidets have become a major trend and a growing pre-requisite in homes worldwide. It is very easy to use especially for elders, pregnant women before and after giving birth and kids who have difficulty cleaning themselves.

What’s even great is that you don’t need to remodel your bathrooms to install these hi-tech bidets, you just need to replace your toilet seat cover and voila, you have your own first world experience right at your home!

Life Bidet currently carries DobiDos Premium Bidet’s bestselling models – DB-5001 and DB-8000. DobiDos is the No. 1 Premium Bidet in South Korea and is manufactured by Daelim Trading.

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