What to Do If Your Child’s Too Much of a Lightweight

PUBLISHED WITH PEDIASURE PLUS -- Is your child always on the lighter side of the scales? Here are a few things you should know about slow weight gain in kids 🧐


As moms, it is our ardent wish for our children to grow healthy and happy. This is the reason why we strive to take care of ourselves all throughout pregnancy, why we aspire to breastfeed for as long as we can, and why we slave away in the kitchen just to prepare healthy and delicious meals for our kids every day.

However, sometimes despite our best efforts, we still encounter hurdles in our kids’ growth and development. One common problem for kids is poor weight gain. Moms or Pediatricians are typically the first ones who notice poor weight gain in kids, which refers to the instance when a child is not growing or gaining weight well, or when their weight gain deviates from a normal growth pattern. When a child’s weight trend is poor, Pediatricians may classify or describe it as “failure to thrive” or even “malnourished.”

When does slow weight gain become a concern?

Currently, most doctors do not just consider a child’s weight gain every month, instead, they also consider a child’s trend in weight over time — which more important. At the same time, a child’s weight and height correlation should be plotted using a weight for length chart or Body Mass Index chart to ensure that the child is gaining weight well in comparison to his/her height.

Another thing to consider is that kids tend to become more active as they grow older, so a minimal weight drop during this period might be normal. Nevertheless, the child should ideally still continue to gain weight at a normal rate in relation to their age.

However, if your child loses or fails to gain a significant amount of weight over a time period can be worrisome. So it is best to consult your Pediatrician if this happens. At the same time, knowing and identifying the causes of your child’s slow weight gain might help you take preventive action.

What are the causes of slow weight gain in kids?

What can I do if my child is a slow weight gainer?

If you think that your child is a slow weight gainer, then the best thing to do is to consult and seek your Pediatrician’s help. Typically, your doctor can fully assess your child if his/her slow weight gain is brought about by other health issues or is a simple matter of inadequate calorie intake.

If your child’s poor weight gain is mainly attributed to a lack in food intake (especially if your child is a picky eater), then you can consider boosting your child’s diet with the right nutritional supplement to help him/her gain weight and thrive. Ensure that your child is getting enough “growth” nutrients by giving him/her a glass of Pediasure Plus every day. Pediasure Plus is a complete, balanced nutritional supplement with Triple Protein Complex made especially for children above 3 years old. It is clinically proven to help kids achieve visible growth in just 8 weeks, contains 40% more energy nutrients compared to other toddler formula milk in the market, and contains Synbiotics — a special combination of prebiotics and probiotics (good bacteria) that helps reduce sick days.

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*Always seek the direct advice of a medical professional for any health issues or concerns. Plus, the use of any milk products for children 3 years old and up should always be upon the recommendation of your Pediatrician. 

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