4 New Family Traditions for a Very Merry Christmas

PUBLISHED WITH GOLD SEAS TUNA -- Here are a few family traditions you can try that will definitely keep Christmas in everyone's hearts 😉


Ah, Christmas – that one time a year when the whole world is celebrating love through the grace of giving. Let’s shake things up a bit, shall we? Make things more interesting by starting Christmas traditions with your family! You can either up your game with existing traditions or bring in fresh ones that will last generations – your call! Here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. Advent Calendar

Nothing spells Christmas anticipation like counting the days down! Kids will especially love this tradition if it involves stories, prayers, lights, candies, and even gifts. Get creative and tailor-fit your calendar for your family’s values, character, and humor. Set aside a specific time to do this together – perfect family time!

2. Family Photos

Got a photogenic nook at home? Make lasting holiday memories by snapping the years away! You can have your family photographed at the exact same corner annually and see how you and your loved ones grow through the years. Pro tip: Have members take the same spot every year, color code or match clothes, or get imaginative with props!

3. Prepare a Guilt-Free and Healthy Christmas Menu Staple

Why not give the family something sumptuous to look forward to every Christmas? Who knows, you could even pass on the recipe to your family members to keep the tradition going! Here’s something new, guilt-free, healthy, yet indulgent to feast on:

4. Travel

Who’s up for an annual Christmas family road trip? Since it’s probably taxing to hit the road, skies, or seas during the holiday rush, you can plan ahead early in the year and allot a certain week in December to get the family together on an adventure. You can go on a fully scheduled itinerary or a spontaneous trip – whatever floats your boat!  

Have a memorable Christmas this year – and every year after!

*Published with Gold Seas Tuna.


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