30 Things You Can Do With Your Child in 30 Minutes

Got 30 minutes? Here are a few ideas on how to maximize time spent with your child 😉


Some of us parents think that time spent with our children means hours of play in a mall-based kiddie play area or even out-of-town weekend trips. If you have 30 minutes before you head to work or 30 minutes just before you put him to sleep, here are some activities that you can do with your child. The secret to making the most of these 30 minutes is to be fully present without any distractions. Ready?

  1. Have ice cream on the sidewalk while playing “I spy with my eye”
  2. Play hide and seek
  3. Read a book and talk about it after
  4. Play a guessing game
  5. Go out for a walk
  6. Water the plants (Helps you get chores done too!) then play water fight after
  7. Draw and talk about what the best part of his day was (Journaling)
  8. Create greeting cards or postcards for loved ones
  9. Prepare a sandwich together
  10. Play treasure hunt (or Easter egg hunt)
  11. Give your child a nice bath and play water toys together
  12. Talk about how his/her day went and share yours too
  13. Talk about plans for the next days or the weekend
  14. Create DIY slime
  15. Do some DIY home experiments like a volcano explosion with baking soda and vinegar
  16. Fix each other’s hair
  17. Make paper airplanes or paper boats, and race!
  18. Create your own pizza (Just buy the pizza crust from the grocery, add toppings of your choice and pop it in the oven)
  19. Decorate cookies (Baking cookies will take time, so you may opt to buy ready-to-eat cookies or cupcakes, then decorate it with whip cream and candy sprinkles)
  20. May a DIY toy together from scraps of paper, boxes or cardboard
  21. Play pretend – kitchen/restaurant, singer/performer, pilot, police, etc.
  22. Build towers with blocks
  23. Sort laundry (This can be a learning opportunity on “same” and “different”)
  24. Cook pancakes together (Tip: Put the pancake batter in a piping bag or a squeeze bottle to create your own pancake shape and design)
  25. Make your own countdown calendar to his birthday, Christmas or an upcoming family vacation
  26. Sort toys! (Okay, this one may take more than 30 minutes)
  27. Have a picnic in your garden
  28. Prepare a fruit shake or a milk shake (Perfect for summer!)
  29. Sing songs together or play name that tune/song
  30. Dance! (This can count as your work-out too!)

It doesn’t really take a lot to spend time with your children. Even if it’s just 30 minutes of your busy day, if well-spent, it will make your child feel special and you’ll be making positive deposits to his emotional bank account. Oh, and it can also be a good opportunity for your child to develop some skills too.

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