3 Reasons to Flaunt that Bump in a Photoshoot

Rock that bump in front of the camera, mama 🤰🏻


I’m not one to be regretful but I kinda wish I had my pregnant self’s photos taken professionally. My daughter’s turning five, praying for a sibling, and bombarding me with questions about pregnancy.

How did I look like then? How come she was inside my belly? Heck, I don’t even remember how big I got. I do recall my extra glowing skin and thick, lustrous hair. But with nothing to see them by? Yeah, I hope I could change that.

Pregnancy is a wonderful milestone for a woman and her family. Each conception is unique and is a memory to behold in itself. More than the physical changes it brings, maybe these reasons can pump you up to have one yourself!

It won’t last long. Needless to say that after the nine-month bout (or less), that’s it. The bump goes away. Sorry, momma, but you’re going to miss that pregnant feeling, that intimate connection you have with your little one.

You look great! No matter how less hot you think you are with your wobbly walk and full circle, pregnancy does wonders to your skin, hair, and overall look. It’s a different kind of beauty to bear a life within you and it will surely show in those snaps! Flaunt those marks – you earned them.

Get to bond with your family. Don’t worry about you or your hubby being uncomfy in front of the lenses. The less staged a photoshoot is, the more it shows off your vibe as a couple and as a family. You can also tag your kids along and get creative with your photographer!

More than uploading them on the ‘gram, you can even opt to have your photos printed so you have quick access to your preggy memories. Worried about the budget? No problem. There are lots of DIY ideas and pegs online that you can get inspiration from.

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