10 Car Seat Tips from the Mama Explorer, Paula Peralejo-Fernandez

Worried about how to get your child stay in his car seat? Here are a few tips from an explorer mom 😉


Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act

Last February, the Republic Act 112229 or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act was signed into law. The law focuses on the safety and welfare of infants and children in vehicles so as to prevent traffic-related injuries and deaths. In order to protect infants and children, the law encourages the use of child restraint systems.

The law will apply to all children 12 years old and below. Under the law, a child should be properly secured in a child restraint system at all times while the engine is running. No child is allowed to sit in a front seat unless the child meets the height requirement of at least 150 cm (4’11”) and is properly secured in a seatbelt.

The Department of Tourism and other government agencies are expected to prepare the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) within six months. Citizens are expected to comply with the law one year after the effectivity of the IRR.

In our country today, it is not uncommon to see infants or kids sitting on their parent’s or guardian’s lap inside a moving vehicle. While we all know that the law is for the protection of our children, a lot of mothers are now worried about the immediate need to purchase a car seat and the tactics that they need to practice to keep their children sit still on their car seats.

Car seat tips from Paula Peralejo-Fernandez

Paula Peralejo-Fernandez, also known as Mama the Explorer in social media, shared a post on Instagram on how they keep their son, Pablo, in his car seat. Paula admitted that they don’t always have a good time with the car seat, but in order to encourage Pablo to stay in the car seat, here are some of the things they usually do:

  1. Leave when Pablo is sleepy
  2. Avoid rush hour (don’t we all want to?)
  3. Sing/play his songs
  4. Makeup silly games
  5. Tell stories
  6. Play I-spy
  7. Eat soft snacks
  8. Watch videos
  9. Read books
  10. Paula sits in front

Those are just some of the things that moms can do to encourage the little ones to stay put in their car seats. They will cry, of course, but let’s continuously remind them and ourselves that their car seat is the safest place for them inside the car. Patience moms but you will surely get there!

Source: Paula Peralejo-Fernandez’s Instagram


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