3+ Ideas for a Busy and Productive Summer for Your Kids

Help your kids make the most out of their summer with these ideas 😉


With the heat index soaring high in the past weeks, it kind of reminds me of the summer months I had when I was younger. It was indeed the much-awaited part of the year for most students as it felt that time was on our hands to do what we wanted — a needed break after every school year.

For the next two months, there will be no assignments, no exams, no projects, no thesis paper, or whatsoever to be submitted to the teacher or professor. And the best part is, you can stay up late as long as you want and stay in bed until you get headaches from oversleeping.

Now here’s the not-so-good part.

It’s not as exciting as you thought it would be. You try to find something to do to entertain you, make yourself productive, just to consume your waking hours the whole summer long. Not to mention that most would have no allowance for the said period.

Normally, many kids would resolve into wasting their time in front of the screen i.e., TV, tablet, smartphone, and even spend in the computer shop for some network games. Doing these will surely make one feel unaccomplished by the end of two months.

Of course, we, modern day parents now know better. And to make your kids’ summer vacation productive, here are some ideas and ways in which you can do in choosing the right summer activities for your kids.

Think about Nurturing his Physical Development

Instead of letting your kids sit all day in front of the tablet, watching YouTube Kids, why not put them up for some physical activities.

Enroll them in swimming lessons to learn a life-saving skill. It usually takes a week or two to complete a stage (beginner, intermediate, Advance, Competitive, and so on).

Sports would be good as well, such as basketball, taekwondo, tennis, or even golf if you can afford to.

If your child is a preschooler, teach him how to ride a scooter or bike (without the balancer, of course). It’s a great way to bond with your child. Besides, he’ll surely remember this part of his childhood.

Intellect – Give Them a Head Start in Class

Don’t just rely on the school to teach everything to your kids. Chances are, there are some key lessons which they were not really able to grasp clearly so sometimes, it is good to send them for summer class or private tutorials.

Board games are not yet a thing of the past. Chess and monopoly may sound classic but it never fails to keep the mind challenged.

Boost Their Creativity

If your child loves arts and crafts, send them to an art camp that would nurture their creative side through drawing, painting, clay forming, etc.

Other Ideas

It would sure be great if one learns music in childhood. You can send him to a church choir if he loves to sing. Or if playing an instrument is his thing, guitar or piano/keyboard lessons will do the trick. Be sure to have one in your home that he can play with even after his music class.

Another great idea is you teach your child money matters as early as possible.

Other than saving money, teach him how to earn some. Have him sell those art pieces to his uncles/titos and aunts/titas, or even those old toys and clothes in a garage sale.

The idea is to teach him ways to earn and learn the value of money.

These are just some ways which could help you choose the right summer activities for your young ones. Notice that you do not need to always enroll him in a class to learn something new. After all, learning doesn’t end when your child leaves the classroom.

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