You Need to Grab Your Tissues for these Father’s Day Videos

You can't pass those tears off as puwing 😭


It’s Father’s Day this weekend and social media is slowly becoming abuzz with heart-wrenching videos honoring the dads in our lives. And here are two early favorites from the country’s biggest fast food chains.


You have to trust this happy bee to bring tears in our eyes with their hugot videos every special day (from Christmas to Mother’s Day and now, Father’s Day). For their Father’s Day video, Jollibee pays tribute to dads who are considered their kids’ first love.


Ronald is not too far behind with their own tear-jerker videos. Their video for Father’s Day brings us all right back to the comfort of our father’s arms.

Perhaps more than the sentimental scenes, dialogues, and music, what tugs our heart the most is the fact that both videos ring true to what dads really are for every one of us. They’re the hands that hold us steady, the ever-reliable “kargador” whenever we are weary, and the standard upon which we measure what it is to be loved.

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