Grocery Tipid Tips You Should Try

When you stick to your grocery list, your budget is saved! Check out 4 grocery tipid tips you can do to avoid overspending.


The supermarket is my happy place. There is something about getting your groceries and going through the different aisles that somehow feels relaxing and therapeutic. Do you feel the same way too? Well, unfortunately, as joyful as this experience might be, it’s also one of the places where we can easily give in to temptation and lose control. Yes moms, you know we’re talking about the budget! Many times, when at the cashier, I look away for a minute and then get shocked when I look back and see the running total!

So here are some of the tips from experience of many moms to stay within our grocery allocation:

  1. Plan your menu and budget, then make a list.

Before you can make a list of things to buy, make sure that you also have your menu ready so you know what exactly you need, and also when you need it (Make sure to account for spoilage too!). Also check how much budget you have allocated for your weekly or monthly grocery shopping so you know what you’re working with. Then, you can start your list.

In making your list, check out the supplies that you have in your pantry to make sure you don’t overstock and panic-buy. If you have a lot on your list, sort out and mark those items in terms of importance (is it a want or a need?) and also urgency (do I need this now or can this wait?). This will make it easier for you to prioritize items as you go to the cashier.

2. Schedule your grocery trips.

There are many ways to schedule your grocery tips depending on your lifestyle and preferences. For example, if you find that your husband and kids tend to dump so many things (not on the list!) to the cart, then it might be a good idea to schedule your grocery trip by yourself. Some moms would also advice not to go to the grocery when you’re hungry, else you might end up grabbing all the items that would satisfy your current hunger. Another hack is to reduce the number of trips to the grocery so you also reduce the chances of adding on unnecessary or not-so-important stuff in your cart. 

3. Stick to your list. 

You made your list for a purpose, and that’s to use it as your guide. Don’t go to the aisle of noodles when pasta is not on your list. Just head directly to the aisle where you’d find what you need. If you’d like a little challenge, then give yourself a time limit when doing your groceries so you don’t find yourself wandering off to the chocolates or beer section too long. 

4. Expand your options.

You might have a favorite grocery, but it helps also to look for other options that might be offering better deals or prices. Consider also grocery delivery services that are convenient in many ways — you save on the gasoline and meals you spend when going on a trip to the grocery. 

Grocery shopping can still be your happy hour as long as you do it mindfully. 😉 Share your hacks below too!


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