5 Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas for Your Kids

Mag-bi-birthday ba si bagets ngayong quarantine? Anong plans mo? 🎉

Mommy Neri's daughter's party

The prevailing community quarantine was imposed for good reason, but no one can deny that it has also put a lot of plans and even celebrations on hold. Meetups and dates were canceled, weddings were rescheduled, and birthday celebrations were toned down.

Sadly, that includes kids’ birthday celebrations. And while we can also explain and get them to understand the current circumstances, our mom hearts simply couldn’t let their big day pass without doing anything special, right? So to help you out, here are a few ways we can still celebrate our kids’ birthday while on community quarantine.

Organize a virtual party hangout

You can use apps or tools such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, or even Facebook messenger to call up your family or even your child’s closest friends to do a face-to-face virtual party. We talked about this more here.

Set up a birthday game night

Whether it’s a family board game night or a virtual game night with friends, you can make your child’s big day special with a fun night of board or video games. Plus, it will give everyone a chance to have fun and be social during the community quarantine.

Cuddle up for a movie night

Put down your cushions in front of the TV, turn on your Netflix, and spend the night with your family and the birthday celebrant enjoying his favorite movie.

Bake your cake

Mommy Cookie’s banana cake

What’s a birthday without cake? Buying a cake and having it delivered during this time might be hard, so baking your cake for the occasion might be a better and more fun activity for all, just like Mommy Cookie’s banana cake. If baking is not your forte or supplies for a cake are not on hand, you can be creative and use alternatives. You can make an ice cream cake by layering ice cream and bread. Or you can make pancakes and top it with chocolates or ice cream. Another idea is to use cupcakes — even different flavored ones, like Mommy Francia.

Mommy Francia’s cupcakes

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, what’s important is the memories made in the process.


Order something special

Thanks to our kuya’s from GrabFood, we can still order and enjoy some of our favorites during the community quarantine. So why not set up a special salu-salo for the day by ordering and having some of your family’s loved dishes to enjoy. Don’t forget to check their social media accounts first to check which branches are open, order early, and tip kuya Grab 😉

Mommy Neri’s daughter’s party

Remember, big party or not, the important thing is that you get to celebrate your child’s birthday together as a family. Just check out Mommy Neri and Elmz, who didn’t let the quarantine spoil the party. Besides, you can still celebrate again after the quarantine.

Mommy Elmz’s kids

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