Mommy’s New Discovery: Finding a Product for Baby and Family

My new cleaning buddy helped me ensure that my baby's bottles are safe and sebo-free. But did you know na hindi lang baby bottles ang kaya nitong linisin? 🍎


One thing I noticed about second-time mommy me is that I’m much more chill this time around. I didn’t go crazy with the baby stuff — going easy on new purchases based on what worked or used with my eldest child. In a way, I know what kind of mom I am and as such, I would like to believe that I’m more intentional in what I do and the products I use.

Having said that, I’m still happy to discover new products that are specially formulated for new parents and new babies. More so if trusted household products we have been using for years have released baby products themselves — which are a must-try in my book. So here’s one such product that’s also fairly new in the market: the new Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid.

The community quarantine has allowed me to spend more time with my kids and allowed me to try out Joy Baby on my bunso’s utensils, while also preparing food for her first foray into solids. And here are a few things I found out:

  • No sebo. Just like the regular Joy Dishwashing Liquid, Joy Baby takes care of all the sebo and leaves no residues behind. I used to think about how baby bottles can have sebo when all they are used for is milk. But believe it or not, they do tend to get greasy. Breast milk contains lots of fatty acids which can leave baby bottles greasy or even cloudy-looking. With organic cleansers, I try to minimize this by double-washing, but with Joy Baby, there’s no need. One wash with Joy Baby leaves baby bottles clear and clean — no cloudy or oily feel.
  • No smell. One of the reasons why I don’t use regular dishwashing cleansers for baby bottles is the smell. I don’t like the smell regular dishwashing cleansers tend to leave in bottles — I hate that smell that inadvertently results from the cleanser’s smell and kulob, since bottles are enclosed vacuums most of the time. Imagine that in baby bottles. Blech. Thankfully, Joy Baby’s mild, mabango scent while washing does not get left behind. So what’s only left are squeaky clean, odorless baby bottles. Admittedly, I cannot stop smelling it, it’s that good!
  • Mabula, unlike other gentle cleansers. Most of the other bottle cleansers I’ve tried do not foam much. And while they also get the job done, I somewhat miss the “squeaky-clean” feel I normally associate with bubbly dish cleansers. Plus, since most of these cleansers are also clear, I sometimes question myself if I’ve used enough (or even if I did) of it to clean the bottles (blame it on the makakalimutin mom-brain). So imagine my surprise when I got bubbles the first time I used Joy Baby. The bubbles guarantee that I’ve used enough product for each wash and that I get squeaky-clean bottles right after.
  • Joy Baby is specially formulated for babies. Unlike regular cleansers, Joy Baby has a gentle formula that does not contain parabens, dyes, or heavy perfumes. These ingredients can be harmful in the long run — think allergic reactions and even possible carcinogens. So as much as possible, I try to avoid using products that might contain harmful ingredients or chemicals during my daughter’s early years. Hence, trusted brands that have come out with their baby-formulations are a god-sent for parents.
  • Joy Baby is recommended by pediatricians. I trust my pediatrician for anything related to my daughters’ well-being, so any product that gets their seal of approval is a win for me.
  • Good for fruits and vegetables. More than our baby’s feeding essentials and bottles, Joy Baby can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables. This is really a helpful feature, especially now, since we all want to make sure that most of our things, particularly food, are squeaky clean.

My mommy philosophy these days is to stick with what works for me and my family. The Joy brand has never let our plates and utensils down in the past. So I’m happy to discover that their new addition — Joy Baby, is also proving to be a good partner in keeping our new baby’s baby bottles (and soon, eating utensils) clean and safe. Definitely another must-buy for our household.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective dishwashing cleanser for your little ones, then Joy Baby should be on top of your list!

Joy Baby is available in all leading supermarkets, Lazada, and Shopee with an SRP of PHP 155 for 495 ml, and PHP 112 for 375 ml.

*Published with Joy Baby


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