6 Online Workouts to Keep Your Kids Busy and Active at Home

Running out of activities for your kids? Here are six ideas that can keep them active and healthy at home.


The coronavirus pandemic has seen everyone staying at home due to the lockdown. For most of us parents, this means that our kids are bouncing around our homes — restless and with no way to let off some of their seemingly infinite energy. And while being active in kids is a good sign because it means that they’re healthy, it can also be hard for us adults to keep up with our unending to-do list and limited energy.

Of course, we couldn’t tie them up in one corner just so we can do our tasks for the day. Plus, the healthiest way to deal with their unspent energy is to give them a way to release it, because not doing so can affect their sleep and anxiety. One healthy way to do so is with these fun kiddie workouts that are healthy and fun. All you need is some space, an Internet connection, and YouTube. You can even join in for a bit of exercise and fun family bonding. So give your kids their trainers and put on yours and get ready to work it out at home.

Home exercises for kids

For a full-body, easy-to-follow exercise routine, check out this video from Nuffield Health. It can supposedly improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and even energy levels — in case you know, your kids need even more energy.


Zumba for kids

If your kids like to dance and just move it, here’s a Zumba routine just for them. So let them move it, move it!


Cardio workout for the family

If you feel like joining in with your kids, then here’s a cardio workout that’s perfect for the whole family. The best part about this video is that it’s composed of a series of challenges that are sure to appeal to your family’s competitive streak. You can even let the winner choose what’s for dinner.



HIIT means high-intensity training and in the fitness world, it equates to a cardio session that includes short bursts of hard work — which makes it perfect for pre-teens who have high levels of energy and parents who are missing their workout sessions.


Frozen Yoga

If high-intensity workouts are not your style, then you and your kid can exchange namastes and try out kids yoga, or better yet, Frozen cosmic yoga. Perfect for kids who are looking for an adventure and parents who wish to stretch out.


Spider-Verse Workout

Girls have Elsa, while boys can have Spider-verse’s Miles Morales. There’s no one better to get your boys to follow an exercise routine than Spiderman, right?


Even as we stay at home, we have to make sure that our kids are active, healthy, and thriving throughout this pandemic. So aside from arranging for enriching activities that they can do at home, we also have to ensure that they eat a healthy and well-balanced diet — one wherein go, grow, and glow foods are included, along with protein and calcium. Our kids need protein and calcium for growth and maintenance of bones, muscles, organs, tendons, and skin, and more importantly, both play a vital role in boosting our kids’ immunity.

So aside from healthy food and enough exercise, we can also give them a yummy, healthy, and #LAKASARAP drink — Prottie®.

Protttie® is a powdered soymilk drink mix that’s rich in protein and calcium. For every glass of Prottie®, your child can get 5 to 6 grams of protein and 308 to 333 mg of calcium. Prottie® also has the added benefit of soy protein, which contains essential amino acids necessary for human nutrition.

With enough exercise, a balanced diet, and Prottie®, your kids are assured of a strong immune system, malakas na katawan, at matatag na buto. 

Add a glass of Prottie® to your child’s mealtimes by purchasing via LazMart, or visit their Facebook page to learn more.

*Published with Lakasarap Prottie®


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