Hindi Sila Baby Forever: Moments You’ll Surely Miss

In a few years, you'll forget about the long nights, sore boobs, and smelly spit-ups. But the best baby memories will remain. How do you make moments with your baby tender and cherished, mamas? ❤️


In the middle of dealing with a crying baby, sore boobs, and dirty diapers, do you ever wonder if you’ll miss all of it once your baby grows up? It might be easy to say no and bid good riddance to yucky spit up and diapers, but the truth is, once we do say goodbye to these, we’re also bidding farewell goodbye to a whole lot more.

This is my second baby and if there’s anything I’ve learned from my eldest who’s now 6 years old, it’s that one minute I’m snuggling her freely and the next I have to beg for her to kiss me. I may not feel it now but this motherhood phase can go by quickly and before I know it, I’ll have a teen and a kid in the house who would prefer to go out or play with their friends instead of bonding with me.

But before that time comes, I’ll take advantage of my second baby and cherish every moment with her. And here are a few things that I know I’ll miss forever once she joins her sister in the kiddie ranks:

Easy, noisy laughs

A lot of moms will agree that babies are the only ones capable of pure, unbridled expressions of joy. And my daughter is no different. Her screams, laughs, or giggles fill our home and never fail to uplift our mood no matter what we might be feeling. Most of the time I wonder how such a little person could contain so much joy and exuberance and we’re very lucky to just bask in all the excess.

How easy it is to make them laugh

Nothing beats how easy it is to make a baby laugh. I can make faces, make simple noises with my tongue, mimic her face, or even play peek-a-boo and I’ll be rewarded with her precious laughs and giggles. No jokes or gifts necessary.

Baby fat

Both my babies were no heavyweights in terms of baby weight but they still had more than enough pudgy cheeks and baby rolls to go around. Right now I’m relishing in my youngest’s smooth, rounded cheeks – my favorite is just squishing into them and enjoying her baby smell. She also has cute (and deep) creases in her arms, thighs, and what remains of her neck, which could be a pain to clean, but are lovely to look at. Plus points to Tender Care for her oh so soft skin and sweet baby smell!

Baby smells

Nothing smells as good or as intoxicating as a baby. I was immediately hooked to my first-born’s scent the minute I held her in my arms and I’m making the most of it now with her sister. I love it so much that most of my kisses are halfway between a peck and just inhaling her scent. I kiss-smell her in her tummy, neck, under her arms, and even feet. And the best part, I’m almost always rewarded with her contagious laughs.

And the best part, I can enjoy her baby scent and soft baby skin to the fullest thanks to products that are specially formulated for her sensitive skin, such as Tender Care. Tender Care’s baby products are hypoallergenic, gently-scented, and safe for her.

Cute clothes

I hated pink before I became a mom but I adored it when my two daughters arrived. My eldest is currently busy with all things “unicorn-y” (according to her) and sparkly, while I’m busy playing dress-up with her baby sister. Baby clothes come in every cute size, type, and patterns that you can think of, such as side ties, onesies, dresses, skirts, socks, and even bibs and towels. And the best part, I still have a year or so to go to dress her any way I want or before I need to have anything approved by her.

All the firsts

When I was pregnant for the second time, I was worried that I wouldn’t be as diligent in capturing her milestones as I was for my eldest since she’s my second baby. I mean I already saw her sister do it so I wouldn’t be as amazed, right? Wrong. I now realize that a baby’s first is special because she did it, and not because parents saw a little person do something we take for granted for the first time. And just like her sister, my phone is also filled to the brim with all her firsts both big and small.

The unlimited kisses

One thing I’ll miss is the unlimited kisses. Unlike kids, whom you need to ask for a kiss or cuddle, babies are more giving with their hugs and kisses especially when they’re in a good mood. These tender moments with her will definitely be treasured in my memory bank.

So yes, I’ll take every opportunity to spend time, bond, and cherish every tender moment with my baby while she’s still a wee one who smiles at and cries for me as if I’m her entire world. And while I can do this any time of the day, one of the best times for me is bath time – no mobile phones or work worries, just the two of us bonding over water splashes and soap bubbles. Definitely tender moments we can both keep in the years to come.

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What about you mamas? Which tender moments with your baby will you miss?

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