Helping Young Kids Write – 7 Tips to Try

Paano natuto magsulat si kiddo, mommy? 📝

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Whether we like it or not or even if we’re prepared or not, parents are more involved with their kids’ schooling this year, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic. And for parents of young kids, one of the things that they need to ensure that their kids get lots of practice is writing.

Writing is important in education and even everyday communication. But sadly, kids these days do not get to practice their writing abilities enough due in part to gadgets use. So if you’re wondering how to improve your child’s writing skills, here are a few tips that might help you out.


Reading regularly can encourage kids to write better and even strengthen their writing skills. It can expand their vocabulary and show them how to use different words, which in turn makes writing come easier for them.

Have fun with it

Make writing fun for your kids by incorporating fun writing activities such as crossword puzzles and other word games. Make it a point to show your kids that you are writing as well so they’d get encouraged and excited about the task.

Use writing worksheets

Tracing and connect-the-dot worksheets for letters and words can further let your child practice his writing.

Switch it up

Using pencils and paper is good, but you can also give his learning a boost by using different materials such as crayons on paper, sidewalk chalk on your driveway, kinetic sand, or finger painting.

Send mail, not emails

Ask your child to write letters and send snail mail to family members and friends instead of typing out an email. Letter writing is a lost art, plus the novelty of expecting and receiving a letter can boost his excitement over writing.

Promote journals

Let your child pick out a blank notebook (or give him your spare one) and encourage him to keep a journal – it can be as simple as writing out his everyday thoughts and ideas or even draw anything he wants. You can also try to include it in his daily routine.

Use story prompts

Here’s another idea you can use for your journals, let your child write short stories by giving him story prompts or story starts. You can print or cut out photos and let him write his ideas about it. It can also be a fun activity for the entire family wherein each member contributes a few sentences to the story.

With a bit of hard work and lots of patience, your child will surely be writing his way into grade school in no time.

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