Motherhood in the New Normal – Keeping it Wais

Umaaray na din ba kayo sa mahal nang bilihin these days, mamas? We have a few wais tips that might help. Kayo, anong wais tips niyo? 🙂


Do you consider yourself a wais na mommy? Being Wais means getting more for less—or great quality within budget. And there’s no bigger challenge to the wais mom than the current situation – market prices for goods are soaring, businesses are closing, and economic instability brought about by the pandemic. So being wais is more important than ever. Here are a few more wais tips to consider:

Buy your necessities during online sales

Big online sales are a norm for popular online shopping sites, and they tend to hold one every month (ie: 11.11, 12.12). Take advantage of these sales to get your family’s necessities! But don’t forget to also do your research to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Bonus tip: Look for vouchers and codes and use them! Shopping sites typically release vouchers that can offer bigger discounts or free shipping when redeemed – perfect for the wais mom.

Go for homemade gifts for special occasions!

Instead of store-bought, you can give-out homemade gifts instead. Chances are, your loved ones and friends will appreciate your baked goods or kids’ artworks more! This is another way to give great quality for less.

Go for home-cooked meals

We can’t deny that home-cooked meals offer more value than opting to have food delivered – because aside from paying for the food costs, we must consider shipping fees as well. One of the perks of spending more time at home is we can monitor and have a direct hand on what our family is eating – especially our kids. So home-cooked and healthy meals are definitely the way to go these days, you get the same great quality within our budget! You can even use it as an opportunity to learn a new recipe and bond with your family (through meal preps and cooking).

Bonus tip: Minimize meal-related stress by planning your menus accordingly, considering making large batches of food that you can reuse for different dishes, and keeping your everyday menu plans simple and viable for you and your family.

Keep outfits looking (and feeling) new!

Another thing we can save on these days are clothing expenses. Spending more time at home also means that we don’t need to buy a lot of going out clothes. But it could also mean that we need a lot more pambahay. The good news is, we can keep our clothes looking and smelling like new with the Surf Powder Combo. Did you know that if you use both Surf Powder Detergent and Surf Fabric Conditioner you get great clean AND double the fragrance, at an affordable price. It’s the laundry power combo that all wais moms need: pinagaling na linis at 2x na bango, at wais sa presyo! Keep your pambahay and going out outfits look and smell brand new with the Surf Power Combo! You can buy these Surf products at Lazada or Shopee!

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