Level Up for Your Child by Celebrating Every Achievement

What does "levelling up" for our kids look like in the time of the pandemic? 🤔

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The new normal brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, play, and live – especially for today’s millennial moms and dads. The drastic changes are causing parents to worry even more about their kids, who now worry about their child’s development in a socially distant world. While parents and children face new challenges brought about by online learning and the development of social skills at home, rather than in the classroom, there are some tried and tested ways to ensure growth and development.

Similac GainSchool, one of the leading growing-up milk brands in the country, encourages parents to celebrate their children’s achievements—whether big or small—and treat them as signs that show that they are levelling up in every moment of every day. 

With Similac GainSchool’s recent campaign, Fast Learners Level Up Every Day, the brand aims to help parents pay more attention to the little signs that their kids are levelling up. While parents may never stop worrying about their children’s future, it is through these little wins that they can feel successful today. Little wins reassure moms and dads that their kids are on the right track, and that they are being the best parents they can be today to help kids achieve even more tomorrow.

What does “levelling up” look like in the time of a pandemic?

Similac GainSchool recently conducted a backyard survey after the recent resumption of classes in the country. The survey showed that 80% of moms still find their kids are still very excited to be back in school—even if it’s only virtually. The research also showed that a new challenge faced by parents was identifying their child’s level up moments because of the online schooling format.

In a pre-pandemic world, parents could easily see that their kids are levelling up when they come home from school with a gold star, a medal, or anything that is representative of a “big win”. Today, levelling up means so much more than just awards or academic achievements. As parents and kids navigate through these challenging times, we need to take every opportunity to level up and treat each moment as a step towards success.

With every puzzle solved, every new word learned, every shirt buttoned on their own, Similac GainSchool believes that these every day moments are already signs of success. From simply learning how to say “please” and “thank you”, to how to prepare and mix his own milk, to how to eat a balanced and healthy diet, and other small achievements at home are moments worth celebrating. These are signs of a child levelling up where parents can see that their child is learning, growing, and developing as they become smarter, brighter, and braver. Whenever a child has a little win, make sure to celebrate them – whether it’s through a simple “good job” or a small reward like an extra hour of playtime, positive reinforcement gives them the encouragement they need to keep going.

When we celebrate each little win, we are reminded that our children are already winners in the making. It is important that we start seeing these little everyday achievements as worthy as a medal or a gold star, because every small step is a leap towards achieving great milestones.

The role of nutrition in levelling up each day 

On top of worrying about whether or not our children are levelling up, the new normal has heightened every parent’s worries about their children’s health, immunity, and safety. This is why it is very important to ensure that children are getting all the proper nutrients in their food, milk, and everything they consume. The changes brought by the current health crisis to Filipino parents underscore the importance of nutrition in creating faster and stronger brain connections in making sure that the kids will level up their learning every day both on and off their desk.

Similac GainSchool understands the need of parents to support their child’s faster learning. As such, we’re happy to announce that Similac GainSchool has 10 key brain nutrients that can help develop stronger and faster brain connections, along with 2′-FL HMO and Nucleotides to boost your child’s immune system. With this, we encourage you to celebrate each of your child’s achievements as they continue to level up every day,” says Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr, medical director of Abbott Nutrition.

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