Ang Dumi! 5 Dirtiest Things in Your Home (& How to Clean Them)

Do you clean these germy things in your home every day? 😅


If there’s one good thing that the current pandemic has accomplished, it’s that it has heightened our awareness over our health and hygiene (on top of spending more time with our families at home, so that’s two good things). And while staying at home has lessened our chances of catching any unpleasant virus or bacteria, the truth is germs, bacteria, and yes, even viruses can also be found at our homes – no matter how careful or clean we might be. 

So to help you track those “germy” hotspots inside your home, here are a few and tips on how to clean them up. 


You and your family members always have it in your hands (especially during the quarantine), so the fact that it could be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat comes as no surprise. This means that a few nasties are waiting for you with every swipe. 

Clean it: Keep your phone out of your bathroom and wash your hands regularly throughout the day. You can also wipe down your phone and its case using a small amount of alcohol or a smartphone or UV light sterilizer to disinfect. 

Remote Control

Everyone touches it or has it in their hands for a few minutes or hours each day. And if it’s not, it’s most likely underneath the furniture or between the couch cushions – which makes it a perfect breeding ground for germs, molds, and even bacteria.

Clean it: By using one of every mom’s favorite cleaning tools: wet wipes. Give it a good wipe down using antibacterial or regular wet wipes regularly. 

Dish Sponge

It’s mostly wet, is absorbent, and you use it to clean your plates and even kitchen counters a few times each day. So is anyone surprised that your dish sponge is one of the dirtiest things in your home? 

Clean it: Regularly replacing your dish sponge is your best bet. 


We grab it all the time with our germy hands. And so do millions of other people. Studies have found the money can carry almost anything, including viruses, protozoa, and bacteria. OK, eew. 

Clean it: We obviously can’t wash bills but at the start of the pandemic, some people were recommending to use UV sterilizers on money to disinfect it. But perhaps the easiest thing to do is to wash our hands right after handling cash.

Our clothes 

We might think that our clothes are only dirty right after wearing them – since they’re exposed to outside elements such as dust and pollution. But the truth is, our laundry might be dirty *still* even after we wash it. Experts have found that our underwear is the biggest culprit for this, as it can contain fecal matter and bacteria, which can then be transferred to our other clothes when laundered.

Clean it: Experts recommend using hot water to kill germs in your dirty clothes. Regularly cleaning your washing machine is a must too.

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*Based on lab tests on representative germs.

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