May Video Ba? Quick Makeup Tips for the WFH Mommy

What’s your “Zoom”-ready makeup routine, mama? 😉

Image Credit: Unsplash/Chris Montgomery

While we’re all working from home, getting ready is not as easy as it may sound especially for us busy mommies. You’ve got an important meeting to attend today but, you’ve also got a crying baby who needs a diaper change, and for some, a toddler who needs your undivided attention. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot of products and effort to be Zoom ready. We’ve listed a few tips to help you look the best, and your colleagues wouldn’t even know it took you 5 minutes to do your makeup!

Kilay is life…

Wherever you’re going or whatever you’re doing, always remember that kilay is life! A defined kilay emphasizes your eyes and the shape of your face. So a good kilay is a must if you want to look like a boss. 

To achieve this, quickly fill up your brows with your go-to brow pencil then finish it off with a clear eyebrow gel or go ahead with a tinted brow gel for a fuller, and bushy brows. 

Red Lippie is lifer

Speaking of looking like a boss, nothing screams confidence than a red lippie. A bold lip color translates very well on camera and it instantly makes you look put together. 

But, if a bold color is not for you then why not try out a satin or gloss formula, or finish off with a clear gloss to make your lips look fuller. 

Add Blush For That Pop Of Color

Adding a bit of color to your cheeks can give you a youthful look but using blush that’s a bit more vibrant than your normal color is even better, at least in online meetings. Webcams often dull the color so adding a bit more than your normal amount of blush or using a brighter color will definitely make you look more alive in Zoom calls. 

Matte, matte, matte

If you’re looking too shiny on your webcam, that’s because you might be! Webcams can make you look a bit shinier than usual so better set your face with a translucent powder. Start off in your T-zone, then work your way to other parts of your face where you want to get rid of the shine. 

That’s it! It may seem so easy but with babies, you never know how much time you have so keep in mind these tips for when you want to look like the boss that you are. 

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