Digital talent and marketing agency Gushcloud Philippines has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the country’s largest online communities dedicated for dads, DadBud PH. 

DadBud PH is an online Facebook community that has 20,000 members. And just like any mommy online community, DadBud aims to be every dad’s support group. A forum where they can share parenting tips, get support, and even comfortably rant on the highs and lows of fatherhood. 

DadBud founder Joey Ong, who has had previous experience in various agencies such as JWT, DDB, Dentsu, the Head of Dojo and owner of Seventeen O’Nine, shares that he started the community in 2019 upon learning that his wife was pregnant. 

“Like most guys, I felt that I was coming in blind to the whole pregnancy and I wanted to ask questions, but most communities were mom-centric so I couldn’t find a resource where I would feel comfortable. So I started a small Facebook group that consisted of friends, titos, and officemates.” says Ong. “Last 2019, I had around 500 members, almost all of whom are friends. Then 2020 happened and the community just grew exponentially. The fact that most dads were stuck at home and needed an outlet to connect with fellow dads suddenly during the ECQ was a big factor. It’s growing and evolving as I evolve as a dad, myself. We’re currently 20K strong and are still growing every day.” 

Gushcloud recognizes the potential of DadBud and as such, has partnered with them to further explore projects and opportunities for the community. Together with company-owned MomCenter, an online resource and community for Filipino moms, this partnership will allow the company to expand its reach to both ends of the parenting spectrum. 

“Gushcloud Philippines deeply understands the importance of these online communities to both consumers and brand partners. As a father myself, the need to find a community during such unprecedented times really helps. As a marketer it also allows us to speak to a captured audience and create purposeful insights let alone campaigns. We are excited to partner with DadBud PH, and work together to bring in meaningful opportunities to their growing community,” said Jamie Paraso, Country Director of Gushcloud Philippines. 

On the partnership, Joey says that, “It’s very exciting to partner with an international company like Gushcloud and it’s nice to be recognized as a real community for dads, given the fact that this concept is fairly new and there is still a lot to learn from this unique and special market. Nevertheless, I’m sure that with this partnership, DadBud can reach more dads and further exemplify our major rule of: Be a daddy to your fellow daddy.”

About Gushcloud International 

Gushcloud International is a global technology-driven digital talent and media company, focused on Influencer Marketing, Entertainment, Commerce. We connect audiences and brands to influencers and content creators through representation and management, brand strategy, marketing and activation services, media production and distribution, licensing. We also co-create significant IP in the content, media and event spaces. 

Gushcloud International has three units within the group: Talent Agency, Content & Production Studios, and IP & Entertainment. The company stands 300 employees strong with offices across 11 countries namely Singapore (headquarters), China, the United States of America, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. 

The group recently brought on businessman and hip hop mogul Mr. Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam, as the President of the group.


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