Celebrate a Merry ‘Mochi-Buena’ with Aice Mochi Ice Cream, Your Must-Have Christmas Dessert

Celebrate a Merry Mochi-Buena with Aice Mochi Ice Cream 🎄


Filipinos’ most-awaited holiday is here! 

This Christmas season is even more special for families following months of not physically seeing each other.  Filipinos are eager to gather around their tables and spend this joyous occasion with their loved ones. What better way to end Christmas eve dinner and all other holiday feasts and festivities than with the Aice Mochi ice cream, the chewiest and yummiest must-have Christmas dessert in the country.  

Aice, a Singaporean ice cream brand, introduces its Mochi ice cream in the Philippines – a perfect addition to every family’s “Mochi-Buena” celebration this 2021. Mochi is a dessert made from glutinous rice, is used as a special skin to wrap Aice’s ball of ice cream and other special fillings. The round shaped treat is available in a variety of flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Durian. 

Aice has perfected its mochi, using only the finest ingredients and by pounding it thousands of times to make the chewiest mochi skin, ensuring that consumers will only enjoy the chewiest mochi ice cream dessert.

“At Aice, we prioritize quality when developing the best line up of ice cream for Filipinos. Through innovation and our advanced cold chain networking, we ensure the best quality throughout our whole production process until our ice cream products are safely handed to consumers,” said Jason Liu, General Manager, Brand Management Center, Aice Group.

“In addition, we always strive to innovate. As Filipinos honor the Christmas tradition of sharing a meal on December 24th and throughout the Yuletide Season, our Mochi ice cream is worthy of being the new centerpiece for a truly memorable and special ‘Mochi-Buena’ celebration,” he added. 

Filipino families can also find creative ways to enjoy their favorite flavors of the Aice Mochi ice cream. Aice mochi can be used as filling in between cookies, wafers and biscuits for a Mochi Ice Cream Sandwich and may even be wrapped in between 2 slices of bread, battered and fried for a unique fried Mochi ice cream – just the two of the yummy Christmas Mochi Dessert ideas to try at home while on your Christmas vacation.

Photo: IG @merry.id for Aice

“Fried Aice Mochi Ice Cream Dessert” 

(recipe by Instagram @merry.ig for Aice)


  • a couple of Aice Mochi (any variant)
  • 1 cup of corn flakes
  • all-purpose flour
  • eggs
  • cooking oil


  • Grind corn flakes in food processor
  • Cover mochi with all-purpose flour, egg and then grounded corn flakes (make sure to not press the Mochi during this step)
  • Put Mochi back into freezer until the corn flakes are set (frozen)
  • Heat up oil in a pan
  • Fry each side of the mochi for 10-15 seconds (golden brown)
  • Decorate the fried Aice Mochi ice cream with your favorite toppings

With the tagline, “Have an Aice Day,” Liu added that the company is committed to offer delicious ice cream that add cheer and bring smiles to consumers, especially this Christmas. In addition to the Aice Mochi ice cream line, Aice has an extensive product line-up to choose from, including its bestsellers the Aice Coffee Crispy, Aice Chocolate Crispy, Aice Milk Melon Stick, Aice Chocolate Stick, Aice Sundae Cups and the super IG-worthy Aice Watermelon, Aice Sweet Corn and Aice Mango Slush.

Aice has been operating in Southeast Asia for more than 7 years. It is available in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, and is sold by over 50,000 resellers across the Philippines. 

Filipinos can now grab the Aice Mochi Ice Cream from their favorite local stores. Filipinos can also share their Aice Mochi Christmas Dessert Creations by following Aice’s official Facebook and Instagram pages in the Philippines: @AicePhilippinesOfficial.


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