DepEd, Nestlé Wellness Campus and MAGGI launch virtual cooking competition for high school students

DepEd, Nestlè Wellness Campus and MAGGI recently launched a virtual cooking competition. They are calling for entries to their Sarap Sustansya Virtual Inter-School Cooking Competition for High School students in the National Capital Region.

(Top, from left to right) Ms. Joan Pedroche – Project Development Officer IV, Dep-Ed-NCR; Mr. Kevin Carpio - Nestlé Wellness Campus Program Lead (Bottom, from left to right) Dr. Crisanto E. Ecija – Chief, Education Support Services Division (ESSD), DepEd-NCR; Ms. Seaneen Arcilla - Head of Service Pillar and Business Development - Food and Dairy Culinary, Nestlé Philippines Inc.; Ms. Rosalyn Simba - Business Executive Officer, Food and Dairy Culinary, Nestlé Philippines, Inc.

MAGGI, the trusted ally of Filipino home cooks, today announced its call for entries in the Sarap Sustansya Virtual Inter-School Cooking Competition. Open to all public high schools in the National Capital Region (NCR), the competition aims to educate Filipino youth on the importance of a delicious and balanced diet while instilling an appreciation for cooking as an essential life skill.

Malnutrition has always been a longstanding problem in the Philippines; in fact, one in four Filipino teens is underweight and more than 75 percent of them lack iron, calcium, Vitamin A, C, and B-vitamins. These conditions are mainly caused by poor diet, either by not having enough food or not eating enough of the right types of food. Through this joint activity with DepEd and Nestlé Wellness Campus, MAGGI hopes that the youth will have a deeper appreciation of how healthy and varied ingredients that are freshly cooked in appetizing ways can be instrumental in addressing these nutrient deficiencies.

“Promoting awareness to help Filipino mothers and students cook food that are not only delicious but also nutritious is a win-win for family mealtimes. The Sarap Sustansya Inter-School Cooking Competition is an informative educational and entertaining virtual cooking and nutritional program that does not only teach mothers and students how to cook nutritious meals but also mentors them on meal planning, budgeting, and how to integrate nutrition into their daily lives without compromising flavor,” Dr. Crisanto E. Ecija, Education Support Services Division (ESSD) Chief, Department of Education–National Capital Region.

To join, interested participants must form a team consisting of one student in any grade level from 7-12, the student’s parent, and one coach-teacher from the student’s school. Upon submission of their competition registration form, teams must then create a 6-minute video presenting their recipe for a dish containing egg and vegetables as the main ingredients. To demonstrate that tasty and nutritious meals can be affordable, the total expense of the recipe must cost 150 pesos or less and must be good for five people.

Teams are free to use the resources from the MAGGI YouTube Channel to aid them in developing their recipes using the Sarap Sustansya Kusinaskwela modules. Their videos should incorporate their learnings in their dish preparation such as food safety and proper handling techniques, cooking methods, budgeting, and using ingredients that support the Pinggang Pinoy food model.

“Through this joint activity with DepEd and Nestlé Wellness Campus, MAGGI is advocating the goodness of homemade cooking and promotes the consumption of delicious and nutritious food, such as vegetables and other nutrient-rich ingredients,” said Rosalyn Simba, Business Executive Officer – Food and Dairy Culinary Business Unit at Nestlé Philippines. “We believe it is best to start healthy habits at a young age, and that cooking meals can be an enjoyable responsibility shared by the whole family.”

One team will be selected as division winner, who then qualifies to compete in the Regional Level. In the Regional Level, teams will not only demonstrate their skills in creating an affordable Sarap Sustansya Pinggang Pinoy dish, but must also incorporate innovative solutions in decreasing food waste.

“Nestle Wellness Campus is a strong partner of public schools in NCR, and this virtual inter-school competition will give students first-hand experience in making healthy, great-tasting meals every day, even on a tight budget,” said Kevin E. Carpio, Corporate Nutritionist & Nestle Wellness Campus Program Lead. “The Sarap Sustansya cooking competition also highlights the importance of decreasing food waste because while many Filipinos are challenged by the persistent problem of malnutrition, many others are wasting food in volumes that would have been enough to feed those who have limited food. Being more mindful and sustainable of our food resources are also effective ways of promoting good nutrition.”

Division level and Regional level winners will receive prize packages that they can customize based on the total value of their corresponding prize. Winning teams may choose from a selection of essential devices such as cooking range, refrigerator, food processor, mixer, microwave oven, cooking tools, and F&B service equipment. These tools will expand their cooking abilities, and enable them to explore more creative recipe ideas that will both delight and nourish their families.


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