What makes a Batang Matibay?

How do we raise a Batang Matibay - kid who has the tibay ng katawan, isipan, and kalooban? Here are a few signs, mamas 😉


As parents, we want to believe that we are doing everything we can to raise our kids mentally, emotionally, and physically strong – isang Batang Matibay. A kid who actively involves himself in various activities, learns and thinks fast, and is confident and independent. However, this is no easy task, considering the number of external factors that can also affect our child’s growth and development. And admittedly, it is also something that parents will never be perfect at.

But as parents, we are more than willing to try, right? So how do we know that we are raising a Batang Matibay? Here are a few signs:

Tibay ng Isipan: Allow them to fail and try again

Mentally strong kids are built to take on any challenge that comes their way, right up to their adulthood. And it’s not just being tough or defiant, but it’s about resiliency and having the courage and confidence to reach their full potential. And one good way to build this resilience is to let them fail.


Failing hurts, and it makes you feel embarrassed, disappointed, and frustrated. But without these failures, one won’t succeed. Allowing kids to fail will train them to focus their attention and assess what went wrong and how it went wrong, and be able to fix it. These failures can turn into a positive learning experience for your child and ultimately build their resiliency and tibay ng pag-iisip.

Tibay ng Kalooban: Allow them to own their mistakes

Having emotional strength means that a person has learned to let go of negative emotions and instead focus on positive and uplifting emotions such as hope, trust, and love. And it’s a person who’s comfortable with change and making decisions for themselves. So how do we build this kind of emotional well-being in our kids? One step to go about it is to allow them to own their mistakes.

Naturally, kids would often hide their mistakes to avoid getting in trouble. Allowing your kids to own up to their mistakes would help them see that mistakes are acceptable and that it’s something that we can learn and grow from. Teach them to admit their mistakes, find ways to make amends, and strive to learn and not do it again. Accepting and atoning for their misdeeds can save them from negative feelings such as guilt, allowing them to build emotional health in the long run.

Tibay ng Katawan: Keeping your kids active 

Finally, as parents, we have to ensure that our kids are physically fit as well. And we can do this by:

Motivating them to be active: Being active is more than just moving or playing around. We can ensure that physical activity becomes a consistent part of their lives by encouraging and nurturing their love for sports or an active lifestyle. Get them to move by enrolling them in a kids’ football club, taking them for walks or biking during the weekends, or encouraging them to try out for the dance club. These kinds of activities have benefits such as strong muscles and bones, a healthy weight, better sleep, and a positive outlook in life.

You can further support your child’s growth as Batang Matibay by ensuring that he gets proper diet and exercise and by giving him a glass of BEAR BRAND FORTIFIED MILK, which can help support his needs for proper growth, development, and strong resistance for protection from illness. According to Dr. Babylyn Cayabyab, registered nutritionist-dietician of Nestle Philippines, Inc, BEAR BRAND FORTIFIED MILK offers doble tibay with:


Tibay-Resistensya nutrients: 100% vitamin C, high in iron and zinc for a strong immune system – protecting kids from sicknesses. 

Tibay-Katawan nutrients: 100% vitamin D, high in calcium, a good source of protein for strong muscle and bone development – helping kids do well in their daily activities. 

Furthermore, Dr. Cayabyab shared a few tips to ensure that kids get a balanced diet:

    1. Give your child a glass of BEAR BRAND FORTIFIED MILK every day for proper growth and development. 
    2. Ensure your kids’ plate is as colorful as possible with enough intake of fruits and vegetables.
    3. Use Pinggang Pinoy (recommended by FNRI-DOST) as a guide to give them a balanced meal every day. It is composed of Go or energy giving food, Glow food which is composed of fruits and vegetables to deliver vitamins and minerals, and lastly Grow food which is protein-rich food to support growth and development, muscle, and bones.
    4. Ensure kids eat a healthy breakfast + milk every day. 
    5. Act as good role models when it comes to healthy eating.
    6. Always check the label of the food you give your children.
    7. Ensure kids eat 3 balanced meals every day.

Tibay ng isipan, kalooban, at katawan are the signs that personifies a Batang Matibay. BEAR BRAND FORTIFIED MILK, on top of proper diet and daily exercise, is every mom’s partner in enabling their kids to be matibay

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