Mommy Influencer Mommy Julie Admits to Experiencing Baby Blues on the First Episode of MomCenter’s Usapang Nanay

Mommy influencer, Mommy Julie tells us about her motherhood journey - from her transition from single life to motherhood, coping with post-partum blues, and finding out her own parenting style. đź’“


MomCenter Philippines has officially launched the first season of Usapang Nanay with its host and first guest, Julie Anne Septimo, or popularly known as Mommy Julie on TikTok. The show’s first episode allowed Mommy Julie to share her motherhood journey as a first time mom to her daughter Cali.

Overwhelmed with Motherhood

Just like any mom, Mommy Julie admits to being ecstatic as she entered a new role in her life, that is being a mom; but transitioning from a free-spirited Julie to a Mommy Julie was overwhelming for her as she realized how much of a responsibility being a mother is. But knowing that her husband and loved ones will be by her side throughout this journey, she’s confident that she can be the best mother to her daughter.

On Experiencing Baby Blues

As she recounts her motherhood experience, Mommy Julie also admits to experiencing baby blues. And in spite of not being officially diagnosed with postpartum depression, she says that she found those early days hard and mabigat sa pakiramdam – saying that she felt crazy on some days and even cries or shouts her lungs out at times. She then shares that she was able to cope with the help of her family – her husband who reminded her that he will support her no matter what, her mother-in-law who took care of Cali so she can rest more, and her sister – who became her confidant as she gushes and rants about motherhood. She then reminds viewers the importance of having the right support in parenting.

Finding Her Own Parenting Style

Mommy Julie also touches on the topic of how she’s raising Cali and her own parenting style. She then explains that generally, parenting can be classified into 4 types: Authoritative, Authoritarian, Neglectful, and Permissive. Of the four, she admits that she subscribes to Authoritative most and practices one of its kinds – Gentle Parenting, because she believes that this parenting style allows her to reach her goals for her child.

MomTries with Mommy Julie

The segment “MomTries” aims to show first-hand mommy-related hacks and products that work, and Mommy Julie shares one toddler hack that she regularly does with Cali – the toddler checklist. Viewers can then see Mommy Julie and Cali doing the hack on-video, with Cali listing down all the things she plans to do and her schedule for the day. The hack aims to manage a toddler’s expectations to minimize tantrums.

You can watch Mommy Julie’s episode of Usapang Nanay on MomCenter’s YouTube Channel. The show aims to feature different moms’s motherhood and parenting styles to inspire, educate, and entertain fellow moms. Like and subscribe/follow MomCenter’s Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


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