5 Ways to Know Something Needs to Change In Your Life

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As modern moms in the year 2017, motherhood is one of the many parts of life that we juggle alongside work, social responsibility, relationships, and self-care. Whatever kind of mom we have chosen to become, life continues to reveal itself to be a balancing act of priorities and decision-making for the short and long term. This is certainly not easy, which is why we often find ourselves living “reactively” instead of “intentionally.” And this often means we are unable to give our best to the different people and parts of our lives. How can we know when “something’s got to give?” What are signs we need to slow down and re-asses our activities? Here are 5 ways to know that something needs to change in your life.

1. You are frequently ill. Stress usually manifests itself through our bodies, if our minds fail to recognize the warning signs. Are you experiencing hyper aciidty? Are you constantly feeling fatigued? Has the flu come more often than not in the last few weeks, or months? If you find yourself frequently ill, this could mean that you need more rest, more exercise, more meditation, and a healthier diet.

2. You are dropping balls. Are unable to complete your deliverables? Are you relying more on others to care for your children and your home? Are you failing and unable to fulfill promises and the different parts of your life? When your priorities are compromised, it is good to reflect on the reasons why. Perhaps your plate is unnecessarily full. Perhaps you are saying yes to too many people and too many invitations. Perhaps it is time to streamline your schedule.

3. Your temper is short. Do you find yourself snapping at your spouse, children, household help and colleagues? Do you find yourself doing or saying things that you normally would not? Are you irritable and easily bothered? This could be a sign of emotional and physical stress. Analyze the moments of your outbursts. What are the triggers? And then, what are the consequences?

4. You are disorganized, forgetting important appointments or leaving your important items in different places. Are you missing important messages? Are you constantly looking for your phone, bag, wallet? Do you feel like you are jumping from one task to another, not finishing what you started, and showing up late for important appointments? A lack of planning and organization often means you are juggling too much work or that things are spinning out of control. It might help to plan your days on a weekly basis, and end each day with a few minutes set aside to plan for the next day.

5. You are no longer taking steps for self-care. When was the last time you meditated? Did some exercise? Journaled? Did something you really enjoy? If you can’t remember, then it may be good time for your to put self-care on the top of your to-do list. A mother cannot give what she does not have. She cannot pour love out of an empty cup. So if you feel guilty about indulging in some me time, remember that to fill yourself up with love and self-care will help you be a better spouse, mom, boss, employee, etc. etc.

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