10 Personal Things Moms Should Definitely Spend Money On



Mommies, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing a bit of guilt-free shopping for yourself. After years of being the homemaker, the disciplinarian, the doting parent and the loving mother, it’s always good to set aside time to get out of the house and pamper yourself.

There are plenty of things that a mom can buy for herself, but I think she should definitely spend on these 10 things as soon as she reaches the entrance of her favorite shopping center:

  1. Books. If you’re a bookworm, your first stop should definitely be your favorite bookstore. Look through the new arrivals, your favorite genre and magazines sections for interesting books, magazines, journals, and other literature you can curl up in your bedroom with. For first-time moms like me, there are plenty of parenting books that you can glaze through before heading off to the cashier with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Eat, Love, Pray.
  2. Movies. Whether it’s the latest at the cinemas or old movies sold at media stores like Astrovision, grant yourself the opportunity to sit down and enjoy your favorite movies and genres. Personally, a favorite comedy or a tear-jerking romance is enough to make me feel relaxed and happy after a long day.
  3. Bath and body products. Moms, when was the last time you actually bought lotion, body scrub, body butter, and other nourishing products for your skin? If it’s been a while, check out what The Body Shop, Faceshop, and even Bath and Body has to offer. Which reminds me, I gotta hop over to my favorite B&B seller and see if he has new or my favorite fragrances for body wash!
  4. A nice lunch or dinner. Whether you decide to bring along your family or not, give yourself a monthly treat through a nice and scrumptious lunch/dinner at your favorite (or a new) restaurant. Craving for some good pasta? See your favorite steakhouse on the way home? You know what to do.
  5. The spa. ‘Nuff said.
  6. The hair salon. Since 2012 has arrived, why not give yourself a new ‘do? I got myself the hairdo I’ve been waiting for quite a long time already: Bangs!
  7. Gadgets. Running an entire household can be a lot of work, so why not invest in a new piece of gadget that can make things easier and more fun to do? I got myself an iPad 2 both for my productivity (not to mention my sanity) as well as for Holly when she’s bored with her toys, stuck at home, and has nothing to do. There are a lot of great apps for kids as well as for working moms, so that’s one gadget I’d recommend.
  8. Fashion. After months of taking care of your children’s wardrobe, it’s high time you focus on your own. If you enjoy shopping for shoes, bags, clothes, and other accessories, head on over to your favorite store and add something new to your closet.
  9. Materials/items for your hobby. Writers like me enjoy buying new notebooks, pens, and other paraphernalia to satisfy our writing urges and needs. I’m sure you have your own hobbies and interests, so you can spend some time looking for materials for new projects. What’s more, you can share these little projects with the kids if they’re interested.
  10. A cup of coffee

Ah, what could possibly beat a nice afternoon spent with a yummy hot cup of coffee? Pair that up with your laptop, favorite book, journal, etc. and you’re ready to spend quality ME-time you deserve.

Giving yourself some good ol’ TLC offers more than just a new bag to your closet or a new movie to your collection. It energizes you, prepares you for another hectic day of motherhood, and helps you wake up refreshed and ready for what the world plans to throw your way. So make sure to take care of yourself when your body, mind, heart, and soul need it the most.

All right mommies, let’s hear from you now. What other exciting ways can you suggest when pampering yourself after a long day, week, and even month of parenting and house work? Share your ideas in the comments!

Blog Source: Mom Notes


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