Ways to Baby Proof Your Home




There are a lot of children who get involved in accidents every year and most of them occur at home. Parents should realize that babies are prone to mishaps especially if they are in their early bay development stages. Somehow they will find their way into dangerous spots around the house faster than you can even say “no don’t go there!”

One of the things that you have to include in your list of things to do for childcare is baby proofing your home. Here are ways on how to do it:

Living Room

Install plugs or covers on the electrical outlets in order to keep your baby from putting his fingers in and getting an electric shock.
Use cord organizers so that you baby cannot pull or crawl over them.
Secure your furniture so that your baby does not pull anything over himself.


Remove pillows from the crib and only use them when the baby is one year old and above.
Keep jewelry, belts, ties, and beauty products away from your child’s reach.
Install safety locks on your closets so that the baby cannot open them. At the same time, ave a mechanism in place so that the closets can be opened from the inside so that the baby does not get locked inside.


Always accompany your baby in the bathroom. Babies can drown easily and they can slip easily due to their lack of coordination.
Make sure that you turn off the hot water from the faucet first before you let the baby in for a bath. This is to prevent any accidental burns should your baby play with the faucet and turn on the hot water.
Install a cover for the electrical sockets and unplug appliances then store properly when not in use.
Store medicines, cosmetics and razors properly and out from your child’s reach.
Use non slip adhesives on the bottom of the tub and non slip mats on the bathroom floor.
Install a toilet latch to prevent your child from getting stuck in the toilet bowl. If you cannot buy a latch, keep your bathroom door closed at all times.

Stairs and Hallways

Invest in a smoke detector for your home.
Install a safety gate at the bottom and at the top of the staircase to prevent your child from coming up and down the stairs.
Make sure you have adequate lighting and easy access switches to make sure the hallways and staircases are well lit at night.

These are just a few ways on how you can baby proof your home. Childcare always involves ways and methods for enforcing safety at all times. So inspect your home and apply these tips to make sure your baby is secure and free from harm!


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