A Valentine’s Day to Remember for Lone or Single Parents

A Valentine's Day to Remember for Lone or Single Parents

Even if you are a single parent or like other parents with spouse working overseas, Valentine’s Day can still be a day filled with love, cheer, and thrill. Valentine’s Day can be the perfect moment for lone parents and kids to go out and have a good time. If you are wondering how to make Valentine’s Day a fun day to remember, here are a few of the many ways to celebrate heart’s day with your kid.

Theme parks
Theme parks are a great place to go. The place is so much alive and intense that parents and kids will surely feel sheer enthusiasm and thrill. Apart from the rides, parents can also encourage their kids to play games and win adorable prizes like those cute, huggable stuff toys.

Potluck parties
Attend potluck parties of friends. You could bring in some delectable food for other parents, kids, and friends to savor. And, make sure to have fun by joining games with your kid that are sure to spur laughter.

Mall activities
The malls are usually themed. When it’s Valentine’s Day, the malls are embellished with huge, crimson hearts, thus, it is easy for parents and kids to feel that love is in the air. Nowadays, the malls are not only a place to shop but also a great avenue for parents, kids, and couples to bond. There are video arcades, bowling, art centers, and skating rinks. These entertainment centers are a great place for lone or single parent with kids to celebrate the day.

A hearty feast outside
Eating together is a way for parents to speak with their kids about anything. And, a great tasting food can dole out as an excellent conversation starter.

Indoor activities
When parents got no chance to celebrate the day outdoors then they can do so at home. There are a lot of things you can do at home. You and your child can cook a special meal or watch a favorite movie in DVD. You can also prompt your kid to make a love letter or a personalized greeting card for you, provided that you too have something to give to your child in return.

Daily routines at work or at home can take a great deal of parents’ precious time. If you, as a single parent, are one of those parents who solely work or do the house chores, then a simple “date” with your kid on Valentine’s Day can be a special moment to remember. The true essence of Valentine’s Day is expressing the love we have for each other by finding and spending quality time with the people we love.


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