Caring for your Toddler: Mumps and its Cure

Mumps is just one of the several inevitable illnesses that your toddler can catch one way or another. So instead panicking, it is best to know more about this and its cure before your toddler catches it so you’ll be able to detect and cure it right away.
Mumps is a severe viral illness that is characterized by swelling of the parotid glands, just below and in front of the ear, and sometimes the salivary glands under the jaw. Swelling of your toddler’s cheek is expected but in some cases, no swelling may occur. The disease mainly affects toddlers but luckily, can be prevented by MMR vaccination (measles, mumps, rubella).
If your toddler catches the virus, he can be contagious for about a week before and two weeks after the onset of symptoms, which usually strikes right about two to three weeks after exposure to mumps virus. It can be transmitted through direct contact and airborne droplets, so quarantine is important to avoid spreading the virus.
Common symptoms of mumps include:
•    Fever that usually lasts for two to three days
•    Earache that aggravates when your toddler chews food.
•    For adolescent boys, swelling in one or both testes, which usually subside after four days.
•    Abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.
•    Sore muscles
•    Head ache
Toddler Care: Treatment of Mumps
While mumps cause fever and uneasiness on your toddler, there’s no need to panic though because it’s normally harmless and symptoms usually subsides after ten days. Most toddlers with mumps don’t suffer from any symptoms.
But if your toddler experiences any of the mentioned symptoms, analgesics can be given for pain, antipyretics for fever, and adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration. If your toddler is having a hard time swallowing, IV replacement can be used. Ibuprofen is also commonly used to reduce pain and relieve discomfort.
Aside from relieving pain and uneasiness, there is still no medicine that can directly kill the mumps virus.
As your toddler grows, he will encounter several illnesses, which are all part of his physical development. As a parent, it is important not to panic but to always be prepared whenever an illness strikes to your toddler. A little bit of research and regular consultation on your toddler’s pediatrician will go a long way in combating those deadly diseases.


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