Encouraging Your Toddler to Eat Meals Not Centered On Meat

Many moms have no trouble urging their toddler kids to eat meaty foods, such as fried chicken, hotdogs, and tocino. But when it comes to other healthy meals, such as those made chiefly of leafy veggies, legumes, gourds, or grains, toddler feeding becomes a challenge. A well-formed toddler feeding scheme is crucial for suitable toddler development. Meals containing solely of meaty products are not enough to nourish a toddler. Thus, it would be nice if you can start out early in incorporating different healthy foods into a toddler feeding plan. Know how to urge your toddler to eat non-meat meals.

Making meals appealing to your toddler
Meals chiefly made of veggies and non-meaty products may not be appealing to your toddler but they are a good source of nutrients essential in toddler development. To ignite your toddler’s appetite in eating a non-meaty meal, try to stir up his interest. It can be by preparing meals creatively. Sometimes, cutting up vegetables in a variety of shapes is already appealing to your toddler’s fussy appetite. Another toddler feeding tip is to allow him to eat on his own. Scoop a little serving and let him feed himself. Your child may be interested to explore the meal on his own. It further helps if you place the food on his favorite dish.

Eating meals together with your toddler
It may not be easy to enjoy the food while making sure your toddler is not making a mess while eating. However, eating together is a classic way to get your toddler interested in eating non-meat meals. Showing how you enjoy eating the meal can spark his curiosity in trying the meal. You can further intensify his interest with a casual talk why eating healthy foods are crucial in toddler development. You can start out with a favorite character or hero and how he can become as strong, smart, and good-looking by eating healthy foods.

More toddler feeding tips for a picky toddler
Perhaps, the most important of all is not to let your toddler feel scared stiff when eating less favoured meals. A picky eater can be frustrating but you should understand that during this phase of toddler development he can be an adventurous eater. He may love a non-meat meal today and hate it the next day. Do not lose your patience and hope. Continue serving non-meat meals until the time your toddler learns to eat them.

At this stage of toddler development, your toddler should begin eating different food groups, not just meat. Only a well-rounded toddler diet will be able to meet up your child’s nutritional needs.


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