Baby Week 26


Established Sleep Routine, Gross Motor And Social Skills

Your baby is 26 weeks old today and although it seems like her developments aren’t as significant as before, she is still making gains.  How is your baby sleeping now?  Your baby should have an established schedule, that is, she should have an average of two to three naps during the day. At six months your baby may have dropped one nap.  At night, it is very likely that your baby is already sleeping through anywhere between nine to 12  hours.  Your baby should have around 14 to 15 hours of sleep, including naps, for the entire day.  Speaking of sleep, does your baby have something she likes to sleep with?  My daughter, at around six months old, started to use a “snuggle buddy” when she slept.  Snuggle buddy is a small, soft square blanket with the head and arms of a teddy bear sewn in the middle.  She is three-and-a-half years old now and she still likes to sleep with her “snuggle buddy” we have now shortened to “snuggles.”  It is always a good idea to have spare blankies or snuggles just in case you accidentally lose one. 

Besides the good changes in her sleep schedule, you will notice your baby’s legs supporting her weight when you hold her upright.  She may push off the ground with her feet touching the ground almost like she is bouncing up and down.   Your baby does this with big smiles and laughs as she explores this new skill . She enjoys a different sensory stimulation when her feet touch a variety of surfaces. 

Your baby is also your copycat.  Some of the facial expressions you make, your baby will imitate.  When you smile at her, she will smile back at you and if you make a funny face at her, she may try to that, too.  This is a development in your baby’s social skills that should bring more fun to you and your entire family.


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