Not All Baby Powders are the Same

Summer is just around the corner! Keep your little ones cool with Tiny Buds' Talc Free Rice Baby Powder!


Summer is in just a few weeks and as the temperatures rise, parents will be looking for ways to keep the little ones cool. Many parents may turn to an old favorite from their own childhood– Baby Powder.

However, in recent years, numerous health concerns have risen that placed baby powder in a bad light. But before you forward that next article or chain message about “bawal ang pulbo”, a homegrown baby brand wants you to know that not all baby powders are the same.

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is made from high-quality rice grains and advanced technology to create a baby powder that is both safe and effective.

Traditional Baby Powder is made from Talcum

Talcum is a mineral that is commonly found together with asbestos, which causes health risks when exposed to humans. Because they are often found together, it is easy for talcum to be contaminated with asbestos when mined.

When someone says not to use baby powder, they may not be fully aware that it’s based on studies and reports of talcum baby powder.


A New Baby Powder – Talcum Free

Homegrown natural baby brand Tiny Buds offers an alternative to talcum, and it’s a surprising ingredient we all know and love! Meet the Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder.


The Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is a must-have item for first-time parents! It’s a beloved part of the Tiny Buds collection that has garnered numerous awards through the years. It’s proudly 100% Talcum Free, made from high-quality rice grains and advanced technology to create a baby powder that is both safe and effective.

Sweat Repelling Superstar! The Rice Baby Powder effectively repels sweat, allowing it to evaporate quickly keeping skin fresh all day long.


The Tiny Buds Rice Collection

Keeping your little one’s skin fresh and healthy is important for all parents, that’s why Tiny Buds also offers an entire range of skin care made with Rice. The Rice Baby Bath and Rice Baby Lotion complete the lineup.

Rice is one of the most underrated skin ingredients. It is found to be rich in amino acids and contains antioxidants that help repair and maintain skin’s natural barrier.

Keeping the baby’s delicate skin fresh and dry all day is a breeze with Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder.


Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is 100% Talcum Free.


Made from natural and high-quality ingredients, Tiny Buds Rice Baby Lotion is developed to hydrate and protect babies’ delicate skin.
Tiny Buds Rice Baby Bath is lovingly made with natural rice essence and gentle ingredients that nourish & protect baby’s sensitive skin.

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