5 Things every new Mom should know about Cord Blood Banking


As a millennial mom, you know that there is nothing more important than providing your baby and family with the best. One of the best decisions is securing your family’s future health through cord blood banking. We know that you deserve  high level information and high quality service. Here are 5 things to know about Cord Blood Banking with StemCord:   

  1. Cord blood stem cells are life’s most precious resource for future treatment of diseases – Cord blood stem cells are a perfect match for the baby and carry a significant probability of a match for other family members. Studies consistently demonstrate that umbilical cord is an effective source of Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) for adult transplantation with at least comparable results to other HSC source like bone marrow and peripheral blood.
  2. Cord blood is a safe and painless means of acquiring stem cells– The collection is safe, painless and takes only 3-5 minutes to perform. Lab processing is under stringent conditions and stored within the US FDA approved, AABB and FACT compliant system, that makes the most promising medical treatment option in the future.  
  3. Cord Blood can be stored for more than 15 years- Published literature has shown that stem cells in cryogenic storage maintained their viability up to 15 yrs. under liquid nitrogen temperatures after the first successful Cord Blood transplant of a boy with Fanconi’s Anemia in 1988. Theoretically, Cord Blood can be stored for an indefinite period of time when frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees celcius in an undisturbed manner.
  4. Cord blood can be used by your child’s siblings– Cord Blood are 100% perfect match for the baby. Your baby’s Cord Blood can potentially be used for other members of the family. This is because stem cells can be used with up to two antigens mismatches in cord blood transplants.
  5. Why you should have an informed decision before banking your child’s cord blood? – As a new and soon-to -be mom, more and more information re. Cord blood are available online, making you feel overwhelmed, pressured or confused. But by correct planning, consultation and research, storing your child’s stem cells will be worthy investment which could potentially help save someone’s life in the future.            

Why Choose StemCord?

  • StemCord is FACT-NetCord Accredited.
  • StemCord stores your baby’s cord blood in two cryo bags.

StemCord stores your baby’s Cord Blood in two cryo bags, giving you the flexibility to use the stem cells more than once and maximizing the potential for multiple treatments, this is because once thawed, Cord blood cannot be refrozen. Stem cells offer new potentials with their ability  in treating diseases including blood cancers and leukemia. Umbilical cord blood stem cells have the ability to rapidly regenerate and differential into various tissues and organ cells, including heart, nerve, cartilage, bone, muscle, liver and fat tissue. Our cord stem cell banking service includes the collection, extraction, processing and storage of all these remarkable cord stem cells.   

StemCord is FACT-NETCORD Accredited

Fact-Accredited leader in Cord Blood Banking in Southeast Asia

StemCord is accredited by Fact-NetCord (Foundation for the accreditation of Cellular Therapy and NetCord), the most prestigious and recognized international accrediting organisation that addresses all quality aspects of cord blood collection, processing, testing, banking, selection and release of autologous cord blood units.   


Source: StemCord S’pore Notes      


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