Inspired by the Alaska IronKids: What You Need to Know for Your Child’s First Triathlon


Joining a triathlon is a challenging and rewarding way for kids to get fit. Aside from mastering three sports of running, cycling, and swimming in one, children learn the values of discipline, determination, hard work, sportsmanship and persistence while making new friends and having fun. It also allows kids to their time and energy productively instead of whiling away by playing video games or browsing the internet. It is precisely for this reason that Alaska is committed to helping kids become more active through Alaska IronKids, a junior version of the prestigious international triathlon series, Ironman

On August 05, Alaska IronKids Philippines hosted its 6th race with more than 300 participants from 6 to 14 years old. Last year’s winners Tara Borlain and Francisco Baniqued celebrated more wins this year, stretching their victorious campaigns by placing first among the girls and boys of the 13-14 category respectively. Borlain clocked 41:34 while Baniqued clocked 38:50.

Hyonde Keum won the boys’ 11-12 category after finishing the race in 35:28, while Moira Frances Erediano captured the girls’ 11-12 age bracket with a 34:25. Beboy Dolen conquered the boys’ 9-10 category with his time of 24:29, and Kira Ellis reigned supreme in the girls’ 9-10 category with her 28:16. Rafael Jopson topped the boys’ 6-8 category in 17:38 and Kyle Enialle Toledana took the title in the girls’ 6-8 category in 21:18. Team Cebu won the Relay for 10-14 category in 23:24. The participants of this challenging race prove that much can be achieved by young boys and girls when they have the discipline, dedication, and drive to put in the long hours of training.

If your child is considering of participating in the next races of Alaska IronKids, you can give encouragement by providing with the proper training and guidance.  Most triathletes prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for each race.  Here are some pointers how you and your child can holistically prepare for the first triathlon.


Help your kid master his emotions

Balancing three sports at the same time may appear to be quite a challenge at first glance. When this happens, remind your child that regular training can get him there. Be the perfect sounding board for your kid and be prepared to be his very own cheering squad even before race day.


Encourage your young athlete to control his feelings and stay positive.  Help them realize the excitement of stepping out of their comfort zone, by channeling the nervous energy into positive thoughts.


Indulging in your chosen sport isn’t all about winning. Encourage your child to have fun. More than anything else, it’s about having new memorable experiences with other kids.  


Mental toughness is the name of the game

Remind your child the importance of conditioning the body.  The transitions from each leg can be particularly tiring, that even some experienced, and adult triathletes need effort keeping up.  Coach your kid to focus on just moving forward and work through it.


Days or weeks before the actual triathlon, ask your child to visualize how he plans to master the race course.  Let your young athlete visualize his form and speed while tackling each leg.  It could also help if he visualizes each muscle movement for each sport so that it will be easier for him to be in the zone during race day.


You or your child could encounter unforeseen delays even before race day such as conflicting family schedules or personal matters. Comfort your child to clear his mind so he can focus on the task ahead. This will help your young athlete to focus on the enjoyable experience with other kids.


Physical preparedness

Ensure that you get the proper food and nourishment you need months before your target triathlon. This will guarantee that your body can function at its optimum and has the “fuel” needed to recover after training and race day. Energizing nutrients include magnesium, calcium, and potassium which keep young athlete’s bodies in winning form–and all of these can be found in the Alaska Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink.


Get your child the proper tri-suit, bike and safety gear for his age and category even before you let him start triathlon training.  This will not only provide protection, it will also enable your kid to move better.


Let your child experience the joys and triumphs of conquering his first triathlon by participating in ALASKA IRONKIDS PHILIPPINES. For more information, visit and, and follow @AlaskaMilkPhilippines and @playPH in Facebook for live updates.

Sports is one of the best ways to teach our children discipline and hard work. Get inspired by the Alaska Iron Kids by watching this video and read more about the Iron Kids event in Cebu through the link posted in the comments below 🙂

Posted by MomCenter Philippines on Sunday, 3 September 2017


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