Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Classmates


My daughter’s teacher recently sent something to our class group chat that made me worry a bit – she sent the class list because, as she said, some parents are asking for it for their Christmas lists. Admittedly, the thought of preparing Christmas gifts for my daughter’s classmates did cross my mind, but this is a sort of confirmation that yes, I really do need to do so, as I also want her to be able to hand out gifts to her classmates and friends – even if it may just be a small token.

So the next question is, what do you give 20 4-year olds for Christmas? Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for your kiddos’ classmates that they will surely enjoy and will not leave you bankrupt:

1. Chocolates and candy

Yes, giving out sweets may be the norm more for Halloween than Christmas, but kids love chocolates and candy all year round, so might as well hand it out for Christmas. You can gift out small packs of chocolates, or lollipops with cute Christmas gift cards that your kid can help you write/make/stick.

2. Playdoh/Clay

My daughter goes through tubs of Playdoh at a regular rate, so I’m thinking her classmates might do so as well. Plus, every kid (and even parent) appreciates a newly-opened, not dried out tub of Playdoh. You can choose to give out the regular-sized or the small party giveaway-sized tub, and even customize it by printing out Christmas characters you can then stick on into the tub.

3. Christmas coloring sheets

This might not work for bigger kids, but its perfect for kinder-level kids who love to color and draw on everything in their path. Plus, it’s also a great practice for them to color within the lines. A number of websites offer free Christmas coloring sheets printables, which you can download and print, roll into a scroll, and give away! Easy-peasy.

4. Crayons

Crayons fall in the same category of Playdoh – kids cannot get too much of it. You can buy small boxes from the mall, or even cute-shaped ones from crafty entrepreneurs online – some can even customize and include gift cards in it for you.

5. Origami bookmarks

For parents with older kids, you can get crafty with them by making cute origami bookmarks for his/her classmates and friends. The Internet has tons of origami ideas, even Christmas ones such as this cute Reindeer corner bookmark. It’s a great way to encourage reading in kiddos, and at the same time, boosts his/her creative side.

6. Personalized class word searches

These are a great option for kids who might be too old for coloring sheets. Plus, you can use online tools such as Discovery Education’s Puzzle Maker to customize it – and include your kiddo’s classmates’ names into the “words” you need to find. You can then print enough copies for the whole class, tie it up, and give away.

Truly, it is the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way for your kids to appreciate that than by giving them the opportunity to gift a little something to their classmates.


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