Dear Husbands, Don’t Forget It’s Mother’s Day

Hey husbands/partners/dads, don't forget to celebrate this Sunday with the moms of your kids 😉


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while most of us spend the day celebrating our own moms, allow me to share with you some reasons why you also need to celebrate your own wife or partner.

She gets up earlier and goes to bed later than everyone else just to make sure that everything in the house is in order like food, schedules, stuff to bring to school, etc. For work-at-home moms, her agenda would also include getting some work done while the kids are asleep.

Remember that dinner with her friends that she had to give up just because you forgot about it and made other plans? You can’t turn back time, but there are countless ways to make her feel special.

She spent sleepless nights and endured all sorts of bodily pain on those challenging days of breastfeeding. Remember seeing her as a zombie?

She opened her life to unwanted visitors like weight gain, stretch marks, sagging skin, and eyebags as she bore and took care of each of your kids.

She plans for everyone else’s birthdays, including her parents and your parents. For some reason, moms just seem to be the event planner by default in most households. Sometimes, she even plans her own birthday! Make it different this time around and surprise her by planning a day just for her.

She’s your in-house nurse who administers first aid and makes sure everyone in the household is healthy… even the dog!

She carefully plans the menu and schedules (or even cooks!) your favorite dish when you’re home.

She’s the Finance Manager and Human Resource Manager rolled into one. She does the budget, makes sure bills are paid so your electricity doesn’t get cut off, and sets some money aside also for the future. Not only that, as HR Manager, she handles hiring and personnel management for your drivers and household help. She handles disputes at home, between your kids or even your helpers.

If these aren’t enough reasons to convince you to celebrate the mother of your kids, then let me put it this way. Multiply the number of kids you have to their ages, then multiply it again to the above 8 reasons. Wow! Imagine how your wife or partner has done these for all your kids, for all those years. Isn’t she just amazing and deserving of a little celebration?

(Don’t worry dads, it’s your turn next month, ok?)

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