Lucia Intal Enjoys Playtime With Mommy: Importance of Pretend Play

Do you worry that your children play "too much?" Make-believe is important for their development, so just let them! 🧒🏻👧🏻


Despite her busy schedule with all her hosting, shows, ‘Paano ba ‘to?’ videos, and endorsement, Bianca Gonzales-Intal recently shared a lovely mother-and-daughter photo on a school field trip.

The happy mommy shared that Lucia was able to try being a teacher, an artist, a fitness instructor, a cook, and a police officer.

Pretend play

Acting out or pretending to be someone else and doing the things they would normally do is called pretend play or make-believe play. According to researches, this type of imaginative play is vital in the normal development of a child.

Some people might see that playing is just something that kids do to kill time. Some parents would even sarcastically say “Laro ka na naman nang laro!” But parents, please let them be. Play is crucial in their normal development.

Pretend play has a lot of benefits for kids. It increases their language use. It encourages creativity as they come up with different story themes and different ideas. It also improves their social skills such as communication, empathy, and even problem-solving.

Make-believe games also contribute to the cognitive development of children. They employ abstract thinking when they use scenarios they have created in their minds to simulate past experiences. By being exposed to different materials for their role-play, they can improve their literacy skills.

Make-believe games can even contribute to the emotional development of children in the long run. Children can eventually learn how to self-regulate, delay gratification, develop empathy, and even reduce the possibility of aggression.

While some people look at play with less significance, much research has been done to investigate the importance of play in a child’s development. With scientific bases, it cannot be denied that play is critical in the lives of your child.

Yes, they need to learn how to sit down and be quiet; yes, they need to learn their academics; but they also need their free time for play. Let your kids play and let their imaginations run wild!

Source: Psychology Today


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