Tamang Kid And Infant Nutrition: Overcoming Hurdles

It's uncommon but effective - your Tamang KAIN journey may be difficult, but it's worth it! 🍽


It’s not a surprise why parents love to follow the Tamang KAIN (Kid and Infant Nutrition) program for their kids. Tamang Kain provides assurance to parents that healthy eating habits can be formed even before a child turns one. The benefits of Tamang KAIN does not stop at developing healthy food choices – it also lowers the chances of young kids developing diseases due to poor food choices. However, with these benefits come the challenges. The hurdles are many and – sometimes – overwhelming enough to cause parents to stop their Tamang KAIN Journey. 

It’s no surprise – Tamang KAIN is new and it’s unconventional. It’s different from what older parents know. For this reason, parents who choose to follow Tamang KAIN journey often meet criticisms than support. How do you push through? How do you continue despite the challenges? Here are some insights from real moms striving to follow the Tamang KAIN program:

Always remember the benefits. “The benefits outweigh the challenges talaga,” says Mommy Patricia. “It pays to remember that even though it’s hard, even if it’s not easy especially sa pag-prepare ng food, you’re protecting your child’s health. I think that’s my biggest motivation – I’m helping my child make healthy choices. Madadala niya ‘yun hanggang sa pag laki niya.” 

When the going gets tough, don’t forget about the wonderful benefits of TK. 

Attend Tamang KAIN seminars. Tamang KAIN seminars prepare parents for the challenges ahead. Mommy Sahlee – a TK advocate – encourages parents to attend seminars because it is through these that parents can develop a basic foundation of what Tamang Kid and Infant Nutrition is all about, and remember this when the journey gets overwhelming 

Educate your spouse. This task of helping kids develop healthy eating habits does not rest on mom’s shoulders alone. Dads are also encouraged to learn as much as they could regarding Tamang KAIN. When both parents are educated and informed, they can draw strength and support from each other. Pro-TK dads can stand by their wives when one of the biggest Tamang KAIN challenges happen – in-laws questioning a mom’s parenting style. 

Be firm. Your child, your rules – it’s an adage that will come in handy when people try to sway you from your Tamang KAIN commitment. Be firm – and make sure the people who care for your child know about it, too. 

Never mind the naysayers.

Kawawa naman hindi nakakatikim ng masarap na pagkain.

 “Noong 4 months kayo, pinakain ko na kayo ng kanin.” 

Lalaking mapili sa pagkain ‘yan.” 

The examples above are just some of the common lines TK parents often hear from naysayers. When the discouragement from other people becomes too overwhelming, remember the perks your child is going to reap in the future.

Be grateful for every Tamang KAIN success. Let’s face it – pursuing Tamang KAIN requires commitment and a ton of patience. Not every food you’re going to serve is going to be eaten by your kid. There will be times that you will ask “Is this even worth it?” 

Mom, Dad, it is. It’s going to be challenging now, but it will bless your child’s health for a long time. Don’t focus on the challenges – learn to celebrate TK successes no matter how small they seem. 

The Tamang KAIN journey is not easy, but – as cliche as it may sound – it’s going to be worth it. Remember the benefits, find support from your spouse, and push through despite the criticisms – the fight for your child’s health and wellness is worth every effort.


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