#MayPasok: 3 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Rainy School Days

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The wet season is upon us once again! There’s no such thing as being too protective of our little ones when it comes to water-borne diseases that are prevalent during inclement weather. How about when they’re at school and classes get suspended? Are we confident that they are fully armed for the pour?

We may not be around with them the whole time but with this quick stormproof checklist, we can prep our kids for rainy school days. Aside from our peace of mind, we’re only after their well-being after all! Let’s do a rundown of the things to take note of:

  • Class suspension announcements

Be it from the local news or the official social media pages of your local government, be an avid follower and listener for updates and announcements. It is also wise to have your kids’ school administrator’s contact details handy so that you can easily be in touch in the event that they have to be sent home earlier than usual.

  • Proper rain gear

Raincoat? Check. Boots? Worn. Umbrella? Packed. See to it that the children are always equipped with these rainy-day basics to protect them from harmful factors that can affect their health.

Myth: Rainwater can make kids sick.

Fact: Rain is not the culprit. There are just some viruses and bacteria that thrive and become more prevalent during the rainy season. This means that exposure to the weather itself could increase the risk of different sicknesses in children. So, even with clear skies, it won’t hurt to have their trusty rain gear packed.

  • Nutritious diet

Imperative regardless of the weather, a healthy diet ensures that the body is ready to take on the challenges brought about by the rainy season.

Did you know that probiotics or good bacteria can help protect your child’s tummy from harmful gut bacteria,1 especially during rainy days? These reduce any possible risks from the likes of stomach ache and diarrhea, which are easily acquirable during cold weather.2

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Though the rain may not go away and may even come again another day, your little one will surely play! So it’s best to prepare and protect your little ones from the harms that the rainy season may bring.

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