What Skin Says About Baby’s Health

“We are what we eat,” and the same goes for our babies. So nutritious and delicious food are ingredients to maintain a baby’s skin health. How do you keep your baby’s skin healthy, mamas? 😁


As moms, we only want what’s best for our kids, and our utmost priority is to give them a healthy childhood. The way to do that is by providing the four pillars – healthy food, healthy play, healthy sleep, and healthy skin, which will ultimately give them the healthy start they deserve.

With healthy skin and healthy food, moms are encouraged to be more discerning in terms of the kind of food they serve, as well as keeping an eye on ingredients that will eventually manifest on baby’s skin.

In order to know the right products and ingredients needed to provide these two pillars, moms should first know their baby’s skin type. Different skin types react to different ingredients, and what may work for others may not work for you. Baby’s skin is paper-thin, sensitive, and produces less moisture, that’s why moms need to establish a healthy and gentle skincare routine that can cater to these needs.

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” The skin is the largest organ of the body, and most of the time it says a lot, that’s why it is important to feed baby’s skin with only the most nutritious ingredients.

Such healthy ingredients should also be present in food, as these food ingredients are integral in order to maintain healthy skin. A child’s meal should be hearty and healthy, and one way of providing these two is by establishing a nutritious and delicious child-friendly diet.

Prescribed by pediatricians, Cetaphil Baby is formulated to soothe baby’s sensitive skin. Gentle and hypoallergenic, Cetaphil Baby products include natural ingredients such as glycerol and panthenol to help moisturize and improve skin hydration on baby’s skin.

By knowing the right ingredients to feed their tummies and their skin, kids are now set to have a healthy childhood.

More healthy skin and healthy food discussions were tackled during the second session of the Mommy Dialogues series, with speakers Dr. Mara Huber, Namee Sunico, and Rica Peralejo leading the conversation for moms.

To learn more about Mommy Dialogues, Cetaphil Baby, and its line of healthy products for kids, follow Cetaphil Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, or visit www.cetaphil.com.ph.


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