Items Your Family should have for a Community Quarantine

Huwag tayo mag-hoard, mamas ✌🏼


The current enhanced community quarantine might have gotten you in a frenzy — thinking of all the things that your family might need during this time. But remember that it’s also best to stay calm and focused, as aside from authorities guaranteeing that supermarkets and other stores and services offering basic necessities will remain open, doing so will ensure that you stay on top of our current predicament.

To further help you out, here’s a basic guide on items that you should stock or have on hand for the next 30 days. But please please DO NOT HOARD. Please be mindful of others’ needs as well and take only what is necessary for you and your family.

Bath and hygiene

  • Medications — including over-the-counter medications (including pain relievers, cough, and cold medicines), vitamins, and even maintenance medicines
  • Toilet paper
  • Feminine hygiene products — feminine wash, sanitary napkins, etc.
  • Hand soap
  • Laundry detergent/soap
  • Body wash/soap, shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, and other skin care needs
  • Other cleaning supplies
  • If you have an infant — baby wipes, diapers, baby wash, bottle and utensils cleaners


  • Dried goods:
    • Grains — rice, oatmeal, cereals, dried beans
    • Canned goods — canned fish, canned meat, soups
    • Essentials — salt, pepper, cooking oil
    • Coffee, tea, juices
    • Dairy — fresh milk boxes (preferably shelf-stable so no need to refrigerate before opening), butter, hard cheeses, eggs
    • Snacks — biscuits, dried fruits, nuts
    • Pasta and sauces
  • Freezer:
    • Meat and poultry — ideally vacuum-sealed chicken, beef, pork (fish can easily spoil)
    • Vegetables and fruit (including ones for baby) — garlic, onions, potatoes are always good to keep on hand
    • Frozen bread

Other items

  • If you have pets — pet food and other treats
  • Disinfectant or all-purpose cleaning spray
  • Water filter (or replacement) if you have one installed
  • Household cleaning items — dish soap and sponges, bleach, soap
  • Paper towels
  • Thermometer
  • Emergency lights or even extra light bulbs

Remember, do not hoard and do not panic! Keep safe, mamas 💪🏽

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