Small Ways to Help Out During the Enhanced Community Quarantine

We can still do something aside from staying home 😉


In case you missed it, our government has placed the whole Luzon under enhanced community quarantine, while the entire country is placed under a state of calamity due to COVID-19. Granted, these are uncertain and scary times and our government is asking everyone to stay home (especially if you live in Metro Manila. However, here are a few simple ways we can still help out:

Stay home

Perhaps the simplest and best way to help out during these times is to stay home. Reschedule or cancel all plans for the next few weeks. Staying put in our homes is the best way to minimize the spread of the virus. The growing number of infected people could overwhelm our health systems and in turn, impact our community’s health services as a whole. At the same time, we should also be mindful and practice social distancing if we need to go out to stock up on necessities. So remember, stay home (unless necessary), keep our distance from others, and stay safe.

Donate/try to help the frontliners

Just like in any calamity, the enhanced quarantine places a lot of people at risk. The medical community — the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers – are the “frontliners” in our fight against COVID-19, and they need all the help and support. At the same time, some people such as the informal workers and informal settlers are also at risk. This is a good time to share if you have a bit of extra in terms of resources (or even services). You can send cash via online channels, or even volunteer your creative services to disseminate important information to the public.

Start by helping out those around you

Helping out doesn’t have to be on a major scale, it can be as simple as helping out those around you. If you have household help, allow them to go home to their families (if still possible) with little (or even no) pay deduction. If you know people who are on a “no work, no pay” basis, consider hiring them for small jobs in the meantime or connecting them to people who might be able to help. You can also help them out by informing and educating them on how to secure or claim the government’s assistance.

Be careful of what you share

Online information, that is. Always always double-check news and other information related to COVID-19, as the wrong information could be more harmful during these times. Always check if the news or article you are sharing is from verified news sources.

Be kind and compassionate

Kindness and compassion go a long way during these trying times. Reach out and check how your family, friends, and workmates are coping. Go out of your social circles too and empathize with those who are still going to work to serve — including healthcare personnel, supermarket and pharmacy employees, food delivery workers, and delivery services. Give food, tip more, and it could even be as simple as being more patient.

Together, we can beat COVID-19 and come out better in the end.

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