Quarantine Shopping: Online Stores for Mommy and Baby Items

Need na ba ni baby ng new clothes? Here are a few online stores for you and baby, mama 😉

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These days we can get everything and anything on the Internet. We can have fast food, milkshakes, groceries, and even appliances delivered. And this option became even more popular with the prevailing community quarantine.

One thing I found myself looking for online are shops that offer baby clothes for my growing baby, and who can also get them to me in a few days considering the quarantine. Most moms know that babies grow quickly. They can easily double their birth weight by the time they reach 6 months and even triple it by the time they turn 1. The same goes for their height/length. And my 9-month old daughter is no different. The tops that she was only supposed to wear for the first few months were sulit na sulit, thanks to the quarantine. Eventually, I decided she needed better-fitting clothes and put my research skills to good use by looking for online shops for baby clothes and other baby/mommy needs. If you also think that your baby needs an upgrade in terms of clothes and other items (or you just need to shop 😉), here are a few options for you:


Our fave department store who’s got it all for us is now online! I’m not sure but apparently, SM offers several eCommerce options and even a call-to-shop service for some of their malls, but what I can personally vouch for is their ShopSM site and app. I downloaded their app, added to cart several baby basics (I love their 3-piece sets, sulit for 300 each!), and checked out. I even earned points from it as I was able to enter my SM Advantage number. Shipping took a bit long at 2 weeks but my order arrived complete and in good condition.

Urban Essentials

Expectant moms and moms of small babies can get their needs from Urban Essentials, who offer next day delivery for Metro Manila residents. They offer a wide variety of baby clothes, cloth diapers, maternity clothes and support, baby skincare products, household products, and even big-ticket items such as sterilizers and play mats.

The Baby Hub

The Baby Hub is another eCommerce option for mommy and baby needs. And while they don’t sell baby clothes, I get my baby’s diaper stash from them, which they directly ship to me a day after I check out onsite. Aside from diapers, they also offer UV Sterilizers, home care, and baby care products, breastfeeding needs, playmats, bed rails, and even other items not easily found in malls.

Petit Bebe

Petit Bebe offers more clothes options compared to Urban Essentials and Baby Hub, but unlike SM’s sets, the ones they offer are dressier for pambahay use. Aside from clothes, they also offer other items such as washcloths and purifiers.

Practical Mom PH on Shopee

They offer Carter’s onesies sets, pieces from Old Navy and H&M, and even unbranded sets. There are several online sellers of baby clothes in either Shopee and Lazada and the good news is that their shipping is more dependable now that Metro Manila is under MECQ. Just be sure to buy from shops that have good ratings and feedback.

Online shopping can be a godsend during these times. However, it’s also best to purchase from legitimate online stores or ones that other moms have vouched for to ensure that we’re getting our money’s worth 😉

Happy shopping, mamas!

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