4 Simple (and Cheap!) Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It's the dads' turn, mamas! May plans na ba kayo for Father's day? 👨‍👧‍👦

Image Credit: Unsplash/Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya

Buying a gift for the padre-de-pamilya can be hard. Because some dads seem to have it all, while other dads aren’t into wish lists and gifts too much. Granted, most dads are easy to please, so if you’re in the lookout for easy, yet unique and memorable gifts for this Father’s Day weekend, here are a few you and your kids can consider:

Have a DIY session together

A lot of dads love to DIY and repair stuff around the house. I’m not saying that you should get him to repair broken items on Father’s day, instead, schedule a DIY project for the whole family. It can be something simple as a playhouse or rocket ship made of cardboard, new planters if he’s into gardening, or even a wooden dollhouse or bird feeder. You can have the necessary materials delivered or better yet, use recycled materials you might have lying around.

Cook his favorite meal for him

It’s been said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If the same holds for your partner then perhaps one of the best treats for him is his favorite home-cooked meal. Whip up all his favorite dishes and serve it up in time for Father’s day. You can even do a “countdown,” starting with his least favorite viand a few days before working up to his most favorite one on Sunday.

Have a family date night

At home that is. Chances are, your kids get the pick of movies to watch on family movie nights. So this Sunday, let your partner do the picking (but make sure it’s still G to PG-rated please). Take out your floor cushions, pop the popcorn, and take out the drinks, dim the lights, and enjoy the movie.

Give him a day-game pass

If you have a gamer-dad/partner, then perhaps one of the best treats for him is one “free” day of gaming. He might not be able to play his preferred games any given day due to childcare and work duties among others, so why not let him play to his heart’s content this Sunday. Surely, he’ll love a few free hours spent on Mobile Legends, Nintendo Switch, PS4, or his choice console or game.

Whatever you might have planned for this weekend or not, just remember to kiss your partner a bit longer and greet him a Happy Father’s day, and get your kids to do it too. Because our family’s heroes deserve it.

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