3 Must-Try Grocery Shopping Tips to Keep Your BIBO Kids Healthy

Keep your bibo kids nourished and happy without breaking the bank with our top grocery tips 🙂


One common problem of moms right now is the pressure of putting something nutritious on the table. With what’s going on globally, we can never be too sure of our children’s well-being. To ward off an unseen threat, we try to power up our kids’ immune system with delicious yet healthy choices.

Let’s take on this challenge together! To be a panalo parent​ at a time like this, here’s how you can go all out with your little ones’ nutrition within your means:

Having a weekly meal plan will help you identify what you need from the supermarket ahead of time. A complete GO-GROW-GLOW combo daily ensures that your kids get all the nutrients they need to strengthen their immune system, improve mental alertness, and energize them for their everyday activities.

Draw inspiration from healthy and kid-friendly recipes online that are easy to prep. It takes off the stress of coming up with recipes on your own, too. To make it more fun, let the little ones join your meal planning! This way, you can know right away if they will enjoy the food you’re planning to prepare.

Based on your healthy and yummy meal plan, allot a budget for the week and stick to it. It can be tempting to go beyond your grocery allowance, but remember to go for healthy picks for the family in case you can’t control yourself from getting more than you should!

As mentioned earlier, your list should have the 3 basic food groups. Have you added protein sources yet, such as milk, chicken, fish, eggs, meat, and dairy? Are there green leafy veggies already? What about fuel foods such as cereals, pasta, potatoes, and bread?

Though we are currently shopping on a time limit these days to avoid prolonged exposure, sometimes we just can’t help but go through shelf by shelf and add to cart products that are not even on our list. By writing down your priority purchases first, you can immediately go to their respective aisles before shopping for the wants​.

Panalo parenting tip: Add Vitaminized Lactum 3+ to your cart! This delicious drink helps strengthen your child’s immunity with immuno-nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, Selenium PLUS Prebiotic Inulin which promotes good bacteria and a healthy gut to help strengthen your child’s immune system. It also has DHA, Iron, Iodine, Calcium, and Vitamin D to help in brain and bone development. Lactum 3+ is also available in chocolate flavor that your kids will love! Serve together with 3 balanced meals daily.

Before your purchased items reach your kitchen, make it a habit to disinfect plastic, tote bags, bottles, and containers. Brief the kids ahead of time not to touch the groceries once you get home. Disinfect before storage and do so again before food preparation.

Healthy preparation and cooking time is also a good opportunity to teach kids about nutritious food, what these can do for their body, and how they can stay #ImmunityPanalo even on lockdown.

With these panalo parenting​ strategies, you can make healthy and nourishing meal combinations that are enjoyable for your kids and the whole family. To find out more about Vitaminized Lactum 3+, visit https://www.lactum3.com/

Got any tips to share? Comment them below to encourage fellow parents to start their own healthy meal planning!


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