The Best Thing You can Do for Your Baby – Backed up by Science

Need more reasons to hug and cuddle your babies, mamas? ❤️


Have you ever craved a hug real bad and immediately felt better once you got it? Well, it turns out that hugs or more specifically, touch, is a biological necessity for us humans, more so for babies.

Us moms are more than happy to touch, hug, and cuddle our babies as much as possible. But it’s also good to know that our kids can benefit from our touch and here are a few ideas based on science:

For premature babies, they responded more to touch

A study has found that premature babies’ brains respond less to gentle touch compared to full-term babies, meaning they are not as stimulated by touch. However, preemie babies who received a lot of touch and skin-to-skin contact from their parents responded more to it as they grow, thereby also getting the other benefits listed below.

Regulated body temperature

Better regulated body temperature in babies means better development for them. Babies are used to a warm and secure environment inside the womb, so they tend to adjust a bit once they’re born. This is the reason why swaddling is recommended for better sleep in newborns as a secure swaddle can help them feel more comfortable and at ease here in the big world. At the same time, newborns also need warmth, so cuddling your baby close to your chest provides this and helps your baby’s body to stay at the right temperature.

Helps minimize crying

If you feel that your baby cries or fusses a lot, then you can try cuddling or hugging him more. Another study has found that kangaroo mother care – or the act of mommy cuddling or keeping her baby close and maintaining skin-to-skin contact on her chest, can greatly help in her crying or even colic bouts. Your close touch gives a sense of security for your baby, assuring him that he’s in safe and secure hands.

A good night sleep for both mommy and baby

Hugging your baby makes him feel snug, safe, and secure. And babies who feel cherished have a higher chance of sleeping restfully, which could also mean more sleep for you.

Improved gut health and immunity

Kangaroo mother care and a mother’s touch can enhance the baby’s digestive system as it encourages the vagal nerve, which then enhances the growth of the villi size in his gut. This means that the baby’s gut now has a big surface area that can absorb essential nutrients.

Less risk for postpartum depression for moms

Aside from several baby benefits, touching and keeping close contact with your baby can minimize your risk or even relieve you of postpartum depression. Parent-child touching and interactions can release oxytocin, the “bonding hormone.” Oxytocin can enhance your baby’s socio-emotional development and also decrease your anxiety and boost your social interaction.

A secure connection between mother and baby

Establishing a secure and strong connection with your baby could help boost your baby’s health and could help you be more in tune with his needs. The mother and baby touch is one of the strongest bonds we have known and making the most of it is beneficial for both.

Aside from kangaroo mother care, hugging, and cuddling, we can also make the most of touching and bonding with our babies by giving them extra care such as reading them a bedtime story, or scrubbing and massaging them during bath time.You can have better bath time and bonding moments with your baby with Tender Care. Aside from boosting the positive effects of your touch, Tender Care gently cares for your baby’s skin with its hypo-allergenic, gently-scented, and safe products.

So what does this mean?

You should touch, hug, and bond with your baby as much as you can. It’s time to snuggle away, mamas!

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References: Cell, IJN, Urban Child Institute, Infant Journal

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